SEC record last 5 yrs


Total of 54-36. Not the glory days but solid.

The 12-6 of this year is the second best conf winning % since '98 (11-5), with the only better one the 13-5 season two years ago.

It occurs to me that in a better (or better regarded) league, we might have been in the Dance four of the last five with those numbers.

Scheduling is what kept the '13-'14 team out. It was NCAA quality.

Except for that 4-10 record away from BWA. The SOS in 13-14 was #85, not great but not horrible.

Record isn’t bad! some of the things I remember most is having leads late and missing free throws or turning the ball over and giving games away. This team this year is better a hitting the free throws at the end of the game.
As the talent rises in recruiting it will get better.

Road wins have improved but we lost some games in BWA that make me sick. Talent is trending towards 3 great signing classes in a row which may be the first time it has happened since the 90’s.

Was what we talked about at the beginning of the year. In 13-14, if we would have been in the B12 or ACC with 21 wins, we would have been locked.

As for this year, if we would have beat Missouri (the 2nd time) and Miss St we probably would have been considered a lock about two weeks ago. Miss St ended up a bad loss, and Missery was a HORRIBLE loss, and our conference record would have been 14-4 (with another road win added).

Not just our schedule. Three of our wins away from BWA were top-50, including the NC-Runnerup late in February. Also, as I recall, the SEC had one of the worst road records among all conferences, and we all know why. Remember how under-seeded the SEC was in the tourney. Tennessee finished higher in Pomeroy than their seeding.