SEC Rankings by ESPN

Here are 2016 SEC rankings by ESPN.

  1. AL
  2. AU
  3. FL
  4. LSU
  5. T A&M
  6. TN
  7. GA
  8. KY
  9. VAN
  10. AR
  11. SC
  12. Ms. ST.
  13. O. Miss
  14. MO
    Last year I did a little recruiting research from Houston Nutt area to present(2015). We usually ran from 9 to 11th place, averaged 9.5 - This is pretty much in line with my conclusion of SEC finish in line with recruiting finish. Also a word of encouragement. The 2016 recruiting which still is in process, is gone better than past few years. We have signed more 4* players and Impact players than before. An impact player is one who comes a few points short to be designated as 4 star. I am waiting to see what happens with the rest of the recruiting, and how that is going to rank in SEC.

Boy, that last loss to Mizzou was a gut punch . . . below Vandy and Kentucky . . .


I agree. Knocked us from 8 to 10…oommphhh

It looks to me that with that inexcusable loss - Ark gave U.K. That number 8 slot and traded bowl games with UK