Sec ranking

Way early I know but the way the sec is doing in recruiting this league is going to be tough. I wander where we will be picked this year.

Which sport?

Oh basketball

Well, there are several way-too-early top 25s for 2022 and we’re picked anywhere from first to sixth among SEC teams in those (USA Today guy has Bama, Kentucky, LSU, Tennessee and Florida in the top 25 but lists us as also under consideration; we’re as high as fifth in the country in others). But some of those haven’t taken transfers into account at all.

They don’t rate the grad transfers like they do kids coming out of high school, I wish they would rerank them. Muss likes the experienced kids

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SEC is setting up to be loaded next year. I love to read these way-too-early rankings, but they are a crap shoot at best right now.

With the extra year of eligibility, and all of the portaling going on, there’s going to be a lot of really talented and very experienced teams next year. I think that means a lot of next year’s success is going to come down to team chemistry and coaching. Based on Muss’ proven track record of molding teams of with a lot of new faces, I would expect the Hogs to be picked somewhere in the top 3-4 of the league. But if we were to add someone like an Emaneul Miller, then watch out!

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I also think Emaneul Miller would be a huge get and would help us greatly to be a top five team in the country next year by years end.

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Those same know it all (or not very much) who picked the Hogs in the middle to bottom middle of the SEC is making these picks. The HOGS were one of the top teams in the country. Ask home much attention we should pay to them?

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No, it’s not the same people who picked us in the middle of the SEC. That was the SEC media. These are national guys.

Pay little to no attention to them, Jim. We are in good hands with Muss, and I expect him to close out this class with a very big bang. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why PJ would tout Calimari’s sudden “mastery” of the portal when Cal has done nothing to validate that opinion to this point. Cal is, at best, a johnny come lately to the portal party. Muss is the master of the portal. Go Hogs!

Many teams manage by hook or by crook to get the johnnies and joes but the master conductor is what gets the many parts fine tuned to a finished product playing all the right chords together to thunderous applause. My money is on Muss.

Who know even less about Ar

Jim, most of these people have us in the national top 15 so far, a few in the top 10. I hope they know what they’re talking about.

Be fun

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