SEC race

With three weeks left there are seven teams - or half the conference - either tied for the SEC lead or within one game of the SEC lead. Here’s a look:

Auburn 14-7
Kentucky 14-7
Mississippi State 14-7
Arkansas 13-8
Florida 13-8
LSU 13-8
Texas A&M 13-8

Seems to me Kentucky has the most favorable schedule to come out on top.
They should sweep UGA and Tn. finishing up the year in Gainesville.

I never agree with the assertion that a team “should sweep” anyone. Kentucky has a favorable schedule and should win those series, but sweeps are rare. Kentucky has one all year.

Do the Hogs have a permanent SEC East baseball opponent like they have in Football (MO)?

No. The division rotation is a little complicated. The three teams you don’t play one year, you’ll play the next, plus one repeat opponent.

So for instance, Arkansas didn’t play Georgia, Tennessee or Vanderbilt last season, so it played all three this year, plus one repeat opponent - Missouri. All series are played at the opposite location as they were played in their last meeting.

Arkansas will play at Florida next year, and South Carolina and Kentucky will come to Fayetteville because those are the opposite locations of where they played in 2016.