SEC Power Rankings

I haven’t actually seen one of these, but I would put us at 5.

  1. Bama
  2. A&M
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Arkansas

Yes I would put us above the Aubrun beneficiaries.


I saw a couple last week that had us in the 5th-6th range. People are realizing how good we are, and recognize that Gus got a gift.

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Gus got 2 gifts

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No, the Hogs are the ones that got a gift. It was Sam Pittman. It could have been countless others if they had wanted the job. We all know that.

Be careful what you pray for because it might come true. So far, Sam has been an answered prayer.

When he makes a decision on personnel, or about anything, most trust it. That’s a huge change.


Sam was a gift, but Gus got a gift from the zebras. Twice.

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#5 lots of respect. Love it thanks. Just to think before the season we had a so called expert commentator say we were worse than A State and another one come on the morning show here in Ft Smith and predicted we wouldn’t win a single game. But love all the things being said now.

Aloha Wiz,

Another great find for the forum. You’re the WHS Football Insider 12th man with all the stellar additions you consistently bring to the forum. Mahalo!


Thanks Guy. I’ve been around a while, so know where a lot of info is posted.

But I’m not alone…a lot of other folks bring great content to this site (above what Clay and the gang write, which is considerable in and of itself). SwineFusion and I sometimes snipe at each other, but he’s an example of someone who consistently brings a lot of “outside” information as well.

Aloha Wiz,

You’re absolutely correct.

I consider Jeff and Marty part of Clay’s incredible staff serving as Five-Star Moderators who also bring their fair share of exceptional content. As a member who consistently shares his tidbits of info, you’re in your own league. We’re very fortunate and blessed with the whole team effort on both the field and in these Forums!


Eagle, you got the 5 correct. They reversed A&M and FL, but yours makes more sense since A&M recently beat the Gators.

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Thanks, Guy, but I’m no longer a moderator. Frankly, I’d been trying to get out of that for a long time; I got tired of trying to herd the cats on this board. Marty has the patience of a saint, and also lacks my tendency toward confrontation. I know who replaced me but I’m not going to spill the beans.

Not saying I disagree, but I’m just not quite as confident. Our 4th quarter offense last night was scary. Good thing the same defense was in there. They are obviously much better with Catalon.

But, whether we’re #5 or anywhere to #8, we’ve greatly exceeded almost everyone’s expectations. Moreover, this is the year we don’t play Vandy, and they are absolutely awful…that’s a gift weekend off for anyone needing healing or a rest. We don’t get that. Moreover, we get to not play 3 of the 4 worst teams in the SEC east. And, of course, the loss at Auburn is still a loss, even with the astrix.

But, we’re better than Ole Miss; and I think they’re pretty good. We played fairly well at A&M; who absolutely crushed USC on the road yesterday. We beat MSU on the road and showed great moxy in a huge comeback victory last eve.

And, it appears that our offense is getting a bit better with each game (sans Hunter’s injury).

Given the foregoing, this version of 3-3 is pretty good. And #5? It does make sense, at this turn.

Swine, you confront with brain power!

I’m proud our Hogs we’re blessed with Coach Sam Pitman! We have watched coaching at its finest this season.

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