SEC plans forfeits, financial penalties

If a football team or teams can’t play a game because of COVID. The school that was able to play can submit a reimbursement request for financial losses, which would likely be due to losing a home game or travel expenses they can’t get back.

And if both teams can’t play, they can BOTH be hit with forfeits.

Greg Sankey can declare no-contest in exceptional circumstances, but it’s clear he expects people to get vaccinated and play and will ding schools if they can’t.

Definition of exceptional circumstances = if Alabama is affected


I bet most teams are close to fully vaccinated. We are. OM has hit 100%. I bet Alabama it close, too, because Saban has been pushing the vaccinations in Alabama. There might be some out there who are below 70% or so, but I can’t imagine who it’d be.


oops. You’re right. Forgot about Harsin.

What TCU did to us was ridiculous.

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heard it applied to all sports…not just football

That is correct, as the release at the SEC website makes clear.

Yes, it was and our guys were pumped and ready to play.
Perhaps the $$$ hit and the automatic forfeiture will get their attention. Hit in the pocketbook and watch the numbers climb in all sports. I wish they would have thought of this sooner.

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Per the UA there are now 141 active cases of Covid and 54 new cases in the UA community

Won’t bother the football team, or game.

Of course not, but because it’s UA, I linked it.

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