SEC Officiating: What are they to do?

There are some who are convinced SEC officials have it out for Arkansas.

Others think they have a bias … usually in favor of the “better” teams … but also towards what’s considered to be “in the best interest” of the Conference.

Some believe they’re simply incompetent.

As these differing ideas are not necessarily mutually exclusive, I tend to lean towards a combination of the latter two.

Anyway, we find ourselves with a most interesting situation at the SEC Championship Game. Who’s gonna get the calls?

#1 Georgia … Will the refs protect the team considered by most to be the SEC’s best hope to win the playoffs? (Give them the better semi-final match-up.)


#3 Alabama … Will the refs protect Birmingham’s favored son, and hope to place two 12-1 SEC teams in the top 4 of the final CFP Poll?

Who ya got?

Close game. Will protect Bama, and allow Bama victory, thus enabling both in top 4.

I think they will call the game the way they see it. There could be some mistakes made. I’m not in the conspiracy camp.


I don’t think even SEC officiating can help Bama this week. Georgia is just too good. I would be surprised if Bama stays within 2 TD’s.


The officials will do whatever Nicky tells them to do :grinning:

UGA is the much better team and should win, but games like this have a way of going age form. The Alabama-Auburn game last week is an example. Still, UGA should win. I’d take UGA and give the 6 points, if Bama wins, I won’t be shocked

There will be missed calls and then calls from fans for their heads. Happens every week. Usually by the losing teams fans. It’s just what happens. UGA should roll.


Happens in the first quarter:

Targeting. No. 27 Arkansas.


Combined officials: Holy crap Curles. This is Bama and Georgia. And there’s no 27 on the field for either team.

Curles: My bad. I’ll handle it.


Upon further review, there is no targeting on No. 27 but rather No. 1 Arkansas.


Combined officials: Dammit to hell Curles. This is Bama and Georgia. There’s no No. 1 out here. Plus No. 1 on Arkansas is Catalon. He’s been injured for two months.

Curles: My bad. I’ll handle it.


There is no targeting on No. 1. Nevertheless, No. 27 and No. 1 Arkansas are ejected.


Pavlov, as a long admirer of yours, I think this might be your greatest work yet!



I don’t think Bama scores. 35-0 Georgia.

Georgia is only a 6 point favorite (haven’t looked)? Lord, why am I not in Vegas THIS weekend? I don’t have kids, but I would bet their college fund on Georgia if I did, lol.

I wouldn’t bet on this game! The refs will do their best to help Bama and get 2 SEC teams in the playoff. It’s about money nothing else.
I don’t see anyway Bama wins without a lot of help from the zebras.


I yelled reading that. Great work.

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That was a great post! BTW - Bama wins by 4 points

It is a tie, and the tie always goes to the bammer. Personally, I hope Bama spares the league the indignity of being spanked by Michigan or Cinci in the semis. I also don’t want to see a Georgia-Bama rematch in the semis, which is what will probably happen if Georgia ekes out a nail biter over Bama. I’m really good with the Tide sitting out the CFP’s, and I think they will. Dawgs by 17.

Hilarious, but you forgot: “Also, touchdown Auburn!”

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I really thought Auburn got enough calls to win the game, yeah 'Bama got some breaks, but I think the 'Dawgs gonna take care of biz and the calls will be fairly even. Georgia is the SECs best chance for the NC IMO.

And last but not least,
Curles: Personal Foul on Number 96 (Malcolm Sheppard) for being in the way of someone who was getting ready to level him.

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