SEC officials

Thanks for your deeper diligence votan. The sad thing about that is I’m sure we
will confront him ( Jason Baker ) again and refs nor coaches easily forget.
And now we have to get ready for refs out of a different conf. Saturday w/ Baylor.

And we thought all we needed to do was to grow 4 stars and 5 stars from Arkansas to make it to the top. Looks like we better start growing refs from Arkansas, if we are serious. :grinning::grinning::grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It does seem to look that way pjhawg but man you know that ain’t playing the game right. :nauseated_face: I can better understand when Muss gets so
infuriated now.

There are several refs from Arkansas, Shows, Dailey, Burdett are from Arkansas. Shows grew up in NLR.

Muss mouthed a pretty good “BMFP” as his assistants pulled him. I was surprised it was picked up on the radio. I guess the BWA buzz blunted his voice.

Another I could not see clearly from the telecast was call on Pinion’s attempt to block LSU’s breakaway lay up. I could not see any actual contact although there was a camera switch by ESPN. Did Pinion actually have contact?

I thought the call on Pinion was weak, and the two over backs were pretty much misses as well. Won’t even bring up the holding call on the break away, as going to the replay is just foreplay for the officials before the act. But in the big picture, the officiating was far better than LSU’s play, much we influenced and some on their own.

Did anyone see when the LSwho coach got a warning for being out of the box and seen what words come out of CM mouth?! Lol I can a sure you he’ll go to battle any time for his team.

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Agree officiating in the SEC needs to improve. There are no excuses for how bad the reviews (all sports) are. Still, I can tell you it is impossible to call a basketball game, especially at this level. I thought I would be good at it. I could not believe how many calls I just flat out blew or missed and that was HS. Having done it, I can tell you that your best help is your partner. A good official will ask and often your partner can help.

I found that block/charge was not that hard (you will not get them all correct). I mainly watched the shoulder. I always thought over the back was easy to see until I got on the court. I missed so many of those.

I also appreciated a coach telling me how I missed a call when it was done in an informative way. Yelling and showing you up never helped their cause. I would tell the coaches and players I would not see it all, but I would do my best and when I was bad, I was bad both ways.

A quick story. There was a former assistant coach at the UofA who was a real jerk on the floor. He left there and went to a HS. He still did the same thing. I was a young Level 5, but I knew some of the top guys in the state. One of those guys called me one afternoon and said his partner was sick and would I come work with him. He told me where and I asked about the coach. He told me to leave that to him. We got to the site early, found the Superintendent. We asked to be paid. When the coaches came out, my partner went to the trouble coach and showed him the check. Told him one word and we were gone. The guy was a perfect gent the whole night and per usual, we made some bad calls.

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