SEC officials

They gotta do something, these refs continue to call stuff that it is physically impossible for them to see, which would be nothing more than guessing wrong.
They continue to call things that never physically happened, and continue to no call things that obviously happed.


They did not call many fouls tonight. That is a good thing.


They called the wrong foul on Walsh when he got hammered over the back and all refs seen that clearly but called Walsh for the foul. Pee wee refs do btr.

They will never call a perfect game. I’d take those three again.


Yeah the fewer fouls they call the better for this team

Oh I agree, prolly the best game that’s been called that I’ve watch as far as sec games. Just kills me how you miss that call, one of the other refs could have stepped up and overturned it.

Yes, they missed that one and two others they should have called on LSU. They also missed a call when LSU got hammered going to the hoop. I was surprised LSU coach did not complain. But they were so far down that he perhaps didn’t care.

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I believe they thought they were going to make the 9:05 out of XNA.


The worst of the group tonight was Jason Baker. He was the one that called the foul on Walsh when the LSU guy came flying in for a rebound and crawled up and over Walsh’s back to do it. I’ve never seen a more clear case of Over-the-Back ever.

Muss was beside himself and he was headed to jump all over the ref, but his staff restrained him over and over. The ref saw all this as well. Then when the hogs huddled up the ref tried to walk into the group to get closer to Muss. It looked to me as if we was trying to bait Muss into a technical. Two staffers shooed him away. I could not believe he was trying to get closer knowing Muss was hot. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Then I dug a bit deeper. Jason Baker is from Tennessee. He got a degree from… you guessed it Murray State. Oh, BTW, Where is the new LSU coach from? You guessed it… Murray State. I’m sure thats all just coincidence though.


Completely agree.

All do respect sir, this is the SEC. This is big time basketball. Tired of hoping for the least 3 incompetent officials we can get and be satisfied. Perhaps some of the billions the conference generates could be used to hire full time officials. Professional refs who take pride in their work.

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There is no such thing as SEC Basketball officials. They all call multiple conferences.

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I was wondering if this had changed based on how much it’s been mentioned lately.

One of the refs that called the San Diego State game in Maui lives in Chattanooga and I’m a friend of his family. He has a yard care business but probably makes most of his income as a ref. He works hard to get calls right and is well respected by coaches (from what I’ve heard). I can get upset with refs as much as anyone but I always temper it with knowing they are just human. Replay officials who miss blatant calls draw my ire more frequently. Refs last night did a good job.


I know that. But the premier conference in college sports should blaze this trail. We are going to have professional refs in this conference. The SEC should strive for excellence. Including officiating. There’s nothing in the NCAA by laws saying conferences are prohibited from hiring their own officials.

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I agree with Clay on the fact that the game was not overly officiated, and I am not a big proponent of saying officials don’t usually cost us games. However the way the game is called can be a great influence. Not so much last night because LSU played poorly last night, but there were flashes of what I seem to recall in a lot of games with LSU. In basketball, like football, LSU always seems to be populated with big strong, physical athletes and when the pushing and over the back kind of game is allowed, they can be a load. Not sure their team is quite a strong in these type of players this year, but they have a few and we saw their physicality from time to time and were victimized by it some. If my memory is accurate, last night was one of the closer rebounding totals we have experienced.

I laugh when I read stuff like this. Unreasonable thoughts abound here. I think the pool of 40 refs the SEC uses are among the same guys working the ACC. You are not going to attract higher than that with full time pay. Most of these guys are full time refs now. They work clinics in off season training lower division refs like JC, high school and now and then one of those is found to be top notch and moves up.

But I don’t think the guys you see on most nights have another job. There is no time for that.

The refs may have a hard job to do but how can you watch a replay and still miss a call? 3 blind mice fits most crews to the T! The lack of a whistle last night helped our hogs for sure but some of the calls they did make were horrible.
You just have to play and hope you can eliminate the refs having any influence on the outcome or the game.


Agree. I thought they were consistent. We have seen much much much worse. Like Doug “Ref Show” Shows.

And we thought all we needed to do was to grow 4 stars and 5 stars from Arkansas to make it to the top. Looks like we better start growing refs from Arkansas, if we are serious. :grinning::grinning::grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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