SEC officials screwing this up

Should have been a Michigan TD on the long pass, but they rule it short. Wolverines fumble on the handoff at the goal line in next play.

Referee is Jason Autrey, of the Auburn apocalypse in 2020.

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It was short. They are treating Michigan like Alabama. They won’t call pass interference on Michigan and it’s happened on 3 consecutive possessions.

He juggled the ball. By the time he controlled it, he was on his butt on the goal line. Bad call. I’m no fan of Meechigan or the Frogs, but I’m also opposed to the continued presence of Jason Autrey in college football.


Yeah that was a touchdown. They missed that one, and it had enormous ramifications

Why would they let Autrey ref such an important game?

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I wish someone would eat Autrey, Danny.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Paging Mr. Lector…


:joy::joy: :joy: drove the RV through Atlanta today. My eyes are crossing…

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I hang on your every word.:grinning:

Knee down before butt hit ground and still juggling the ball— correct call— called way to many ? Interference calls on TCU

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