Sec Officials is a joke

LSU fumbles and it’s reviewed but no fumble and TD. All because they want people to watch a close game. Such a joke. Joke!

I thought so also, but the rerun shows the ball dropped before the goal line, bounced into the end zone and LSU player retrieved it. It was a TD.

Also saw some of the same antics that drew an unsportsmanlike conduct flag go uncalled. Our defense or lack thereof cost us the game, but this call was so weak and reactionary to a call they initially wanted to call, but realized they could not pass the review process, so the unsportsmanlike call comes from their rear end.

This type of arbitrary crap, won’t be addressed and these incompetent officials will just keep being incompetent. The SEC and NCAA are such corrupt and incompetent organizations that I think aspiring dictators in banana republics apply for internships there.

I don’t think they are incompetent. I think they have much intent and are very aware of what they are doing. They don’t make bad calls because they are stupid. They make them because that’s what they are told to do.

As the rules expert said, it was an “immediate recovery”.

If that was “immediate”, then our recovery in the Auburn game should have been ruled “instantaneous”.

That’s what I was thinking.

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