SEC officials in Tenn vs Bama game

It is obvious the refs and replay booth are bias! They take care of the cash cows.
Bama clearly fumbled going into the end zone and it was called a TD on the field and the replay booth in Birmingham confirmed the call. Also there was targeting by Bama in the game no flag or stoppage of play by the replay to take a look at it. The game was still close on the play the fumble happened.

I saw that replay & disagree that it was clearly a fumble. It looked like he scored to me. It was close, but it was by no means an obvious fumble.

It was actually called a recovered fumble in the end zone, that is what was confirmed by replay.

It was never called a fumble at all on the field only a TD. The ball was loose before the ball made it to the goal line! It’s somewhat like the no explanation in our game to give a reason or what was called on the field when Auburn fumbled and even after either fumble the ball went to Auburn in our game and in today’s game the TD to Bama.

True, I didn’t hear anything about an initial ruling of a fumble, first mention of it was in the replay ruling, then that wasn’t easy to hear. But the announcers said something like, in case you couldn’t hear it, it was ruled a fumble and recovery for a TD.

Watched pretty much the whole game, I don’t remember any calls being that outlandish. The only thing that stood out to me was watching other games and seeing a difference in how pass interference seemingly was interpreted from recent calls made against Arkansas.

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I was interested to see who recovered it. They never showed that. There were mostly Tennessee players around it.

See, we do disagree from time to time! :grinning: To me, he clearly loss control of the ball before crossing the line. I think he may have recovered it (but they really didn’t get into that, so not sure).

Edit: I see elsewhere in the thread that some say the ruling was fumble and recovery by Bama. If that was the case, I don’t disagree. I sure didn’t pick up on that last night, but we had a lot of people in the room and I couldn’t hear everything on the TV.

Army, the announcers said that they talked over the ref’s explanation that the replay showed a fumble and a recovery for a touchdown. It was a touchdown when Young fell on it. Now the only argument was that he didn’t have it at first and when he wiggled to get on top of it that he was then out of the end zone. But I am pretty sure he had it when he first fell on it.

At any rate, you probably were not listening when the TV guys explained that it was ruled a fumble and a recovery for a TD.

You may be correct Clay! I had little one running around playing and they were loud.

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