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Maybe I missed it, but am I understanding the response on the blown targeting call was to avoid addressing the details and just hide behind the fact that it cannot be overturned because it was already reviewed on the field. Whether overturned or not, this seems a cop out.

I don’t recall a situation in any sport where a call is over turned after a game.

Has that ever happened?

I believe mlb overturned the pine tar call against George Brett bunch of years ago. At least I seem to remember they replayed part of the game due to the Royals protest.

Sounds right, but: The suspension of another half is correctable; and should be. But, won’t because those guys in B’ham are not concerned about right or wrong.


They don’t want to set “precedent” and make it right.


Really wondered if I missed a comment on where the conference addressed whether they even care about the correctness of the call. It is beyond being overturned or not to me, but about having the honesty of evaluating themselves to be better going forward. Guess I am being unrealistic, even with the catch 22 they explained this away with, I had hopes of some sort of actual honesty rather than just making it go away.

They did explain that in their judgement that Boutte took a hit above the shoulder. It was not by the helmet. Did his forearm hit his face mask? Pretty weak if that was it. That is what I heard from the SEC Network late Saturday night on their roundup show from the day’s game. Not sure where they got that, but assumed it came from SEC office. Obviously, I have never seen it called that way.

There was also the “defenseless” player argument. If they don’t want this to happen, routes across the middle will have to be outlawed. Two grown men running straight at each other will inevitably collide. The receiver almost always starts to go down in a protective move at the last moment, leaving the defensive back in a tough position. The DB has to keep his face up at all times so as not to lead with the crown of the helmet. That is apparently not good enough. Back to my original statement. Crossing routes are inherently risky. Just because someone gets hurt doesn’t mean the hit was illegal or dirty.

Yeah, a precedent of doing what’s right would be inconvenient for the SEC office.

I don’t understand why it couldn’t be met halfway. We already lost the 15 yards on the penalty and played the rest of the LSU game without Catalon. Just void the 1st half suspension against Mizzu.
I know I know, there is no middle ground for and not like face mask penalties and roughing the kicker penalties with 2 levels of penalties.

Looks like AR will set another precedent here again

I like the flagrant 1 and flagrant 2 idea. Targeting 1 or 2.

I thought this used to be the rule and it changed. Or is that NFL.

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