Sec office must have got a hold of Refs at halftime

2 big missed calls to start 2nd half. Georgia better watch out

Those are Big 10 refs, not SEC

I know where there from. Never said anything about where there from, I was implying that Bama gets every break, like the blocked punt, the 3rd down face mask and that was just in the 1st 5 min of the 2nd half

There were very critical penalties made and missed that played a significant impact in Bama’s favor. They likely
lose that game if even one of the two botched calls had been made properly.The Bama line moved on the blocked punt and the Georgia player was not offsides. That likely made a huge difference in the outcome of the game.Then Bama got away with an obvious facemask that would have given Georgia a first down. If either of those calls was made properly there likely would never have been an overtime. Then the head shove by a Bama defender against the Georgia player already down after a tackle was made. An official was looking directly at the play. It was obviously a personal foul and even the commentators zeroed in on it. When the replay was shown you could tell from the reaction of the crowd that they saw the infraction and the no call.

I am getting closer and closer to the point that I may
quit even following sports games. It has gotten to
the point that officials are playing the decisive part
in the outcome of games rather than the players
on the courts and the fields.
I don’t know if it is bias or money is changing hands
but it seems that little repercussions occur to the officials.

The key missed penalty happened on Bama’s 2nd possession of the 2H. It was a third and long and if stopped, they would have gone the first two series without any real gains with the backup QB. Anyway, on 3rd there was a big scramble by the QB. He was pinned by 3 Georgia players for about a 15 yd loss. At the last minute, he broke back to the left and escaped for about 30 yds. When he broke left, #77 for Bama tackled one of the Georgia players (hand tackle around the knees).

If they had called this, it would have been 3rd and 35 from about the 10.

Who knows what would have happened. As it played out, this was the big play that got #13 rolling. They went on to score 3 plays later as Georgia was on its heels.

I actually thought the key missed call was Georgia’s possession before that when one of the backs was brought down by his facemask on a tackle for loss. Had that been called, Georgia would have been given an automatic first down somewhere around midfield. Barring a turnover, Alabama would not have started with the same kind of field position to set up that first touchdown drive, which included the long run you reference.

Missed calls on both sides.

But it is always easy to root against Alabama and see only the calls they benefit from during a game.

As I see it, Georgia’s coaching lost the game. Unless he lead is 30 points or more, if you have a lead and play conservative, you are behind. After the back to back turnovers early in the second have, Georgia started playing conservative and got away from what got them the lead. By the time Alabama tied them, Georgia couldn’t get their offense going again.

That was my one complaint against Frank Broyles who in all other ways was a great coach. Instead of playing to win, Broyles would get a lead, play conservative and lose including the 1969 game. Ahead 21 to 0, he almost lost against Texas in 1965 by playing conservative–run two plays and punt. What did Texas have to lose by taking chances. Turn the ball over and Broyles would still run two play and punt.


If Broyles had played conservative when we were inside the 10yd line and played for the FG instead of allowing Breaux to call a pass play we would have went up 17-8 and won a NC, that slow ND team couldn’t have stayed on the field with the Hogs.

Easier or more obvious. I wonder if anyone really thinks
none of the officials saw the facemask? Blind or deliberate?

You may be right. I never watched that game again; the loss hurt too much, something led me to believe that Broyles started playing conservative and opened up his offense after Texas went ahead.

In any event, sometimes not playing conservative can cost you the game. However, it seems to me that more games are lost by playing conservative with a lead than lost by not playing conservative with a lead.

Refs were bad. Georgia got the worst end of it. I think you can call Alabama for pass interference (or holding) on about every pass play. They get some calls, but they get away with it far more than they get called. I saw holding on Bama’s tackles on a lot of plays in pass protection. You can’t hook around a waist or under an arm pit. They do.

As for the 1969 game when Montgomery was intercepted, I have talked about that call many times with my father. He always wrote that off as just bad execution on players, not a bad call. You don’t throw it if it isn’t clearly open. And, he said they could have missed the field goal anyway. There were some calls in that game that could be disputed, too. Sometimes it’s just fate. But, the best teams get more luck than the lesser team. I know that. They are ready to step forward when fate (or luck) smiles.

Thank you.

The harder I work the luckier I get. I don’t know if
anyone in particular is credited with this sentiment
but it has the ring of a truism.
Luck can open the door but determination to make
the most of it is part of being prepared and focused.

Bama has a coach that makes me think of a cobra
focused and ready to strike if you make a wrong
move. His intense focus and alertness has to rub
off on his coaches and players.