Missed the vast majority of the game, so I turned on SEC Now to see some highlights this morning and NOTHING!!!

All they talked about was the LSU balk win and Ole Miss/Elko. Arkansas is the number 1 team in the nation and all the SEC and all Arkansas got was a “Oh yeah, they won.” No highlights, no interviews, and barely being mentioned. Wow SEC.

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Just keep winning - winning fixed everything

This Arkansas winning must be a Shock to the whole SEC body politic -

Living in Kentucky people are assuming Arkansas will choke

Just keep winning

I can understand our absence on the the SEC Network… the rest of the league is tried of getting their butt’s kicked. It’s not going to stop either…

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Strange, they talked about it last night and showed the big HR.

They didn’t show Optiz homer they started with Moore’s and on Welch’s they said it was a go ahead they didn’t show the wild pitch. Poor coverage of the #1 team Hogs for sure.

its like i told a friend on Facebook…Arkansas winning in anything doesn’t fit the SEC’s agenda unless it has to do with Alabama(any sport)Kentucky(basketball)or LSU(any sport)haven’t seen anything flash across the bottom of the screen yet announcing McDonnells death either(just the winniest coach of any NCAA sport)

McDonnell. :cry:

thanks,changed it

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Too many original SEC members, we are just an afterthought. The bias I see in the SEC commercials, announcers and coverage can’t be overlooked. The only way to overcome, I agree, is to win and win big.

I don’t get bent out of shape about that. I doubt Birmingham is telling the people in Charlotte, which is where SECN is based, what to do. Anyway, the best way to handle it is to keep winning, take home the big trophy on June 29 and that will be the same salute to SECN as the Huskers LF gave to the Hog Pen.

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I saw an interview with Kopps last night on the SEC Now program.

I didn’t watch SEC Now, but that interview was linked at and I did watch it there.

I should have said, I found it on the sight. Was checking scores and found it.

Wonder if someone will ever tell the announcers Kopps was the “collegiate baseball” PLAYER of the year… Not just the pitcher of the year. They kept repeating that mistake all weekend, it seemed.

The best cure for that is to listen to Phil and Bubba while watching the TV feed. They do a wonderful job. The Tune In app works great. You have to sync it to the TV feed but that’s not hard once you figure it out.

I’ve accidentally gotten it synced a couple of times, but it didn’t stay there. The audio feed dropped, or the video started buffering, or both, and pretty soon Phil is 45 seconds behind the TV, or the TV is 45 seconds behind Phil. Last night I actually had the sound on for both in the late innings and we rallied to win after I did, so I may try that again. :+1:

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I had a hard time syncing earlier in the year so I quit trying. But it worked out for me last weekend. It can be tricky for sure. So much better than those talking head dumb butts ESPN hires. (except for Kyle Peterson)

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