SEC Now discusses how Hogs will try to stop Tide

They think we have a chance…

Will be the best pass offense we’ve seen since we played Ole Miss… we held them to 208 yd passing last year which was by far the lowest… we will see what BO has in mind this year…

I expect Bama to come out trying to go deep immediately and see if they can catch us napping. That will be the key to the game in my opinion. Hopefully we can limit the long ball

How many times over the years has Bama scored on it’s 1st or 2nd play against us?? Seems like a ton, but probably not as many as it feels to me…

We scored on them on the second play in 2010. Fat lot of good it did us in the end though.

We can’t go in and do what we’ve been doing on offense or defense and win the game. We need a different twist or wrinkle mixed in to keep them guessing, I have no idea what that could possibly be but I’m hoping Odom and Briles can dial up something. WPS

Somebody besides the usual suspects will have to make plays. Knox and Thompson will have to make catches because Burks will be covered. Then the other talented receivers have to produce when targeted. We have four good running backs, all of whom will need to be productive in order to keep fresh attackers in the game.
In that environment how many false start penalties will we have? What has been done to minimize them? This is the last road game of the year and we play a lot of seniors. Oh, Will Anderson. The defense will have their hands full. Nuff said. Barry has a big job. Go Hogs.

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