SEC Now: 99 club

For awareness, from Arkansas, Jalen Catalon.

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99 club?

explain please.

99 club, based on video games, players are ranked according to their abilities.

Ah. The number of times I watch SEC Now between the end of Omaha and the first football (or at least soccer) game are the same as the number of donations I’ve made to Crimson Tide Pride. Zero. I don’t think I’ve even turned on SECN at all, actually.

I’m guessing 99 is his Madden Player rating,I see NFL guys getting all upset about their #. didn’t know they did it for College guys but Catalon would be worthy for sure.

SEC Now has been previewing the season. They have had a number of segments on the Hogs and they have been well done. Marty and McGee interviewed Grant Morgan while at SEC media days and they showed the interview last week.

Here is part of the Morgan interview.

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