SEC non conference schedules

We are ,highly likely, going to be 8-0 headed to Auburn (watching them play Memphis now). Perhaps time will show one or more of our wins will be more impressive than it seems now. So far, looks like we remain untested.

I’ve now watched Kentucky, Tennessee, MSU, Auburn, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Florida (man I hope Johnson is ok), Missouri, and Alabama. All of those (except Ole Miss) have already played a tougher opponent than we will in our first 8 games.

My eyes tell me we look like one of the top SEC teams I’ve watched so far… but most all of the others will be more tested when conference play starts.

It may not matter in the end… but it’s nice to have the perfect balance of chemistry-building and confidence boosting games (our first 8) with games that push you and test you, before conference play starts.

Arkansas was supposed to play Oklahoma today in Tulsa. That game and the possible matchup vs. Louisville in Las Vegas were going to be good gauges of how good the Razorbacks were before SEC play.

Exactly. The Tulsa game could have also been a decent test.

I’m just glad to have games to play.

After watching Miss State today I don’t think they are impressive at all! They bricked a ton of free throws.
The non conference schedule sure didn’t help the SEC for sure!
The hogs should be able to be in the top 4 for a double bye for the SEC tournament in March. That’s my opinion.
Tennessee is class of the SEC and those on coach are debatable.
I’m hoping Johnson is ok and able to return and play!

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