SEC Network.

Between the failed former Bama QB and the fired former NC winning Auburn coach whom boast about every crootin class but the hogs! The video clip showed every coach bit CCM and they pumped up Bama, A&M, Georgia and LSU. At least they showed the rest of the coaches getting out crootin in planes.
We don’t stand a chance on the PR side from any network and especially our own SEC network.

Need to recruit top 10 to get their level of recognition. Understandable honestly.

We still end up top 20, but when Bush flips, which I do believe is going to happen from the sound of things we will drop some.

But, it’s a great class to build off of.

Heard 5* QB from Ga to transfer since he can’t beat Fromm for playing time. Wonder if we even stand a chance to get him to look our way

Gotta earn it and we haven’t earned much air time from the pundits. We have to win games in the sec period.

Yes, gotta earn it.

I do think the analysts do give Arkansas pub when warranted.

Yep, you have to be relevant. Gotta be consistently good! I’m confident our time to shine is coming!

About the same pub and respect as they gave DMac 2 years in a row and him getting shafted for the Heisman Trophey.
Similar to way officials seem to always be too blind to see the “Throat Slash” by Monk right in front of them and yet T up our kids. And have Dick Vitale run his mouth about Kingley and he watched the junk Monk did.
SEC championship game in football where the officials were so one sided to help Florida they were reprimanded by the SEC office.
By the way have you ever seen any other team in the SEC have a ref put the ball down and start the 5 second count before the player was standing by them. The hogs may have been late coming out of timeout but how many times have our opponent done the same thing and it never happen. It’s not just the TV gurus that have called the hogs everything but Arkansas and not know our players! I’m old enough to know that we got hose in the old SWC and we get treated like step children in the SEC. Explain how Kentucky plays their tip off game ( Blue vs white ) and it’s on TV! Who else has there’s on TV.
I’ve heard announcers say after the cheating scandal say there’s no place for it in the game and those involved should never be allowed to coach again and they pick and choose which coaches to continue to dump on.
Miller at Arizona and out of the their side of their mouth praise Bill Self. Their just as much a part of the problem as those on trial in New York.
Explain how Bama in football can get by with choke holds being committed by their Oline and the same ref call the same thing on the opponent for the use of hands at pad level for holding. I have family in Bama and they call after games and always say Bama don’t need the help. I guess the sacred cash cow whether it football or basketball gets more than enough help to win.
I want an even playing field and fairness for our Hogs for Christmas. The score at games end doesn’t always dictate a true winner.

We did get a little bit of publicity Saturday. A friend sent me a clip from Saturday’s SEC Insiders. It was my crew wearing our crying baby faces at the Auburn game.

The clip basically said “no more crying hog fans, Chad Morris has a great recruiting class coming in and will right the ship”.

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Amen Army Hog.

I rather fly under the radar awhile anyway.

They give us more than we’ve earned, that’s for sure.

as RD says, “in due time”.

Yeah, but if it’s Bush for Catalon, it may not affect it much, but if we get both, it’ll be even better

This is a darn good class no matter what . Armyhog you hit it right on the money with your comments.