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I watched a little of the Georgia game today and the play by play guy asked Booker I think is his name. He asked him what he thought about the SEC after Tenn and Kentucky and Florida. The guy mentioned every team in the SEC except for Arkansas. I know we have to just win more but he mentioned like 11 teams and not a word about Arkansas. IMO that network hurts us. It just got to me today. Anybody else listen?

I did and I agree with you! I sometimes wonder if they even remember we are in the same conference. The officials sure don’t respect us.

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Booker is the guy who predicted Mike Anderson would win “multiple” national championships.

Don’t know if his feelings for Mike might affect how he feels about Muss

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Barry Booker is a sophomoric simpleton


Just really irritated me today. We got zero mention.

Hog2009 described Booker perfectly. He’s an SEC yes man who hasn’t had an original thought in his life. Script reader at best!


I’m surprised Barry still has a job after suggesting that fans should watch gymnastics for the “scantily clad girls.” Seriously? You can’t make that stuff up.

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I’m surprised anyone cares what he or the network does or doesn’t say about Arkansas. We don’t need pats on the back. We needs wins. What they say or don’t say makes 2 sh*** if we win. Focus on the right thing fellas.

Of course it matters! The Razorbacks matter. The athletes and parents need to know we are here and not just an afterthought. Booker didn’t even know we were undefeated. He only reads his monitor.

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Isn’t Booker a football guy anyway. From Virginia Tech. And yes he only knows and says what the network scripts for him.

Not sure you got your info right. I remember him as a pretty good shooter for Vandy in the late 80s. He was basketball all the way.

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Yep, my bad your correct about the SEC Network Booker.
There was another Barry Booker later played football at V Tech.

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It does matter recruits watch. I think that’s the point of a message board to have the right to focus on what we want. You do have the option of not clicking and not reading it though. Just dumb to say it doesn’t matter!

Yep. People’s careers have ended for a lot less.

I heard him say that live and almost fell off my chair.


Dumb to say it does.

I don’t think recruits care about the SEC Network as much as you think. They do care about CSP and CEM, and how many wins we have, but, I get it, your opinion is more important.

More informed

I guess I missed the “informed” evidence you cited with your opinion, but not surprised. I certainly didn’t cite any with mine, but it does seem the schools that WIN get the better players, but maybe that’s just because Barry Booker talks good about them… I don’t know.

Yeah how in the world did Booker keep his job after that? He has been a milquetoast color analyst for 20-plus years now, there is literally no reason to keep him in the rotation.

Booker played at Vanderbilt back in the 1980s. He was good but not great at scoring the basketball.