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i hate to hear Jimmy Dykes speak about our hogs period.

I can’t stand Jimmy but he usually tells it like it is.
If he said we suck (which is likely) I’m completely on board with that.


I don’t disagree with you but do you think he is going to get on tv and say Kentucky is better at cheating?He would be escorted off the stage.


Those who talk about how someone else should coach or what they should have done should be able to coach themselves!

As for Dick Vitale earlier this season he was calling for Arizona to fire Coach Miller while he’s praise Bill Self and asking why the NCAA is taking so long to clear another pay to play player whom is sitting out and Kansas had a player last season that never played a game and is now overseas because he never got cleared.

They all promote the blue bloods. Vitale isn’t good for the game anymore in my opinion. I’ve had little use for him for years but since he threw Kingsley under the bus and made no mention of the the threat slash Monk made in a Kentucky game he’s hit rock bottom in my book.

Greaseball “Cal” can’t spell integrity and has left NCAA problems everywhere he’s coached. If that what people want hire him like Kentucky did. Just like Slick Rick at Louisville whom already had stopper gate before he got nailed and fired another one of Dikie “V’s” buddies he promoted.

It’s all about money and if the FBI don’t do something to the head coaches that are involved in the pay to play deal the NCAA sure won’t do anything at all not to a blue blood.

Also if someone on this board is offended by a comment about Dykes at least it’s the truth!

This is what is wrong with college football and basketball.

Everyone knows but…

Amen ! WPS