SEC Network whip-around coverage

Tonight between 6 and 10, SECN will have a whip-around coverage of today’s women’s games. That means part of tonight’s Hogs game can be viewed on a regular TV. You don’t need a Smart TV for that.

I think whip-around is a great idea. Kind of like NFL Redzone. It allows SECN to move to another game if it becomes a blowout.

I don’t know if this is just for tonight or they will have more of this. Matt, do you know of SECN’s plans regarding this?

They typically only do it for opening night of the season.

Aloha and mahalo PJ!

Nice to know. Good gouge amigo. Thanks for sharing.


The Hogs game is last tip off of the night so there should be more tube time after the other games end!
I’m going to stream the game.

They just said 9:05 tip off.

Just like the SEC. The Hogs and Aggies were in a tight game and they showed Auburn and Vandy in a 15 point game. 2 I ranked teams over 2 ranked teams! Then after that one ended they switched to the Hogs game!

With the way broadcasting is changing to live streaming, sports fans need to get a Smart TV and WiFi at the house.

I watched the game on my Smart TV using the ESPN app. I couldn’t tell I was watching a live stream. It looked like a regular live broadcast.

I cut cable I only stream,Not missing cable

In my opinion, the need to stream games vs. watch them on a traditional TV provider is only going to increase.