SEC Network team for Arkansas-Louisiana Tech

Beth Mowins (play-by-play)
Anthony Becht (color analyst)
Rocky Boiman (sideline)

OH Joy! We get the C squad for this game.

Beth Mowins is good. You know she will always be very prepared. I realize, of course, that she has no chance with some of you because she lacks that Y chromosome. But if you’re good, gender doesn’t matter, and if you’re bad, gender doesn’t matter either. the other two, I have no idea about. Becht was an NFL tight end for the Jets and others who played at West Virginia, I do know that much.

Nothing against Mowins - who, as you say, is a professional - but no matter how this is spinned, it IS the “C” team. Then again, if we’re being honest, in comparison to some other SEC match-ups that day, it’s what this game deserves (relative to Clemson at Auburn, LSU vs. Wisconsin, Alabama vs. Southern Cal and UCLA at Texas A&M).

That said, I’m all about watching the game. Usually, for me, the announcers get in the way more than they help. In most cases, I honestly feel that they would benefit much more from having my commentary than I do from theirs. Reading that back, I’m aware that it probably sounds pretty arrogant to most of you; but it speaks more to the incompetence and generic nature of what the viewer gets from the talking heads than it is a self-anointment of greatness.

The same could be said, honestly, by most of the really rabid Arkansas fans I have met. Let us watch the game, and we’ll know what’s going on . . . just like we do when we’re in the stands watching without the “benefit” of announcer commentary. Any questions I have about what’s going on I can answer by (a) using my DVR to back up and watch again in personally controlled frame-by-frame slow mo; or (b) by reading the post-game stories from Clay et al, who will ask the questions I would ask if I had access to the coaches/players involved. The announcers are just “bundled” with what i really want - and that’s video of the game. I don’t need to hear how Arkansas’s O line is “the biggest in ALL of football . . . including the NFL!” again (even though that may not be true THIS season) . . . lol . . .

I agree. I have always thought that she does a good job. To me, the complainers have always been those who think that only men are capable of calling a football game.

Please do not take me wrong on this. I understand that the announcers are professionals. I just like the regular SEC Network announcers.

You might keep in mind (each and everyone) that - if the commentary proves to be grossly irritating or woefully inadequate in your humble estimation - you retain the option of hitting the mute button and providing your own running assessment.

As broadcasters go, Beth ain’t bad. Batta boom! Now that I got the obligatory 60’s rat pack sexism out of the way, I’ll attempt to evaluate Ms. Mowins. Yes she is well prepared and competent. She is a pro. I just don’t like her voice. It’s in a range somewhere in between feminine and masculine and for whatever reason, I find it unpleasant .

Can’t stand listening to her voice.

Some folks don’t Verne, Brent, etc…, I do not like Beth as an announcer. Don’t know her as a person, but don’t enjoy listening to her.