SEC Network takeover for Arkansas

… will be Monday, July 24. But because everything is based on EDT, the first Arkansas program will be at 11 PM (CDT) Sunday night with the 1991 Arkansas/Texas game. From that time until Monday at 11 PM, all programming will be Arkansas.

As they say, check your local listings. (I was going to try to put up a list of the programming, but there is no easy way to do that.)

1991 vs Tx football
2017 vs Tx hoops
2017 vs Tamu softball
2014 Texas Bowl
2012 vs Baylor baseball supers
2014 vs Smu hoops
2008 vs Tx football (a 52-10 loss WTH)
2017 vs Tamu baseball
2017 vs Texas hoops again
2014 vs TTech (road win)

Pretty uninspired choices, IMO

Are we in the SEC or still the old Southwest Conference? Guess they decided not to pile on Ole Miss by showing the Hunter Heave.

I’m guessing that ‘2008 Texas game’ is really the 2003 game, where Matt Jones dominated the Horns in Austin. Just a matter of someone mistaking a 3 for an 8 - which we’ve all done, at one time or another. In any event, I’m certain they won’t be showing the 2008 game during our ‘takeover’.

As an older guy, my hate for Texas still burns bright. However, in the context of this being a ‘Takeover’ on the SEC Network, I also think there are some other choices that could have been made.

How about the Miracle on Markham? the 2007 win over #1 LSU in Baton Rouge ("We got dat wood!)? Any one of several Basketball wins on our way to the Final Four in 1994 or 1995 (for example, a WIN over N. Carolina)?

Check out the link in this tweet:

I agree with you guys. I was pretty disappointed with those choices, not that watching Hogs beating Texas isn’t a wonderful thing but come on. How about the LSU game with McFaddden when you have HDN talking about the “heismsn” or our SEC storied “40 minutes of hell”. Or how about when Bret Eibner hit that home run in the CWS to lead us to a win over TCU I believe. I also wouldn’t of minded seeing our win over Wofford in the 2014 NCAA tourney. I mean I could go on. I also see other teams had a lot more air time such as Ole Miss!!! Really!