SEC Network story on Frank losing his father … oss-father

Great story. What an incredible line: I’m so afraid of forgetting him. Frank, you never will.

That was beautifully done.

Just a great, great kid. He was our intern on radio this summer. Got to know him a lot better than just as a writer.

As I said, great, great kid.

He is a great kid. In my disappointment over the season, I’ve been pretty hard on Coach B at times. He does deserve criticism. However, he clearly does treat players the right way in circumstances like this. He cares for them. He should, mind you. But I do appreciate it nevertheless.

Bielema is one of the MOST caring coaches…or just most caring people…out there. And that should be part of the job. I understand you have to win games too. But if being a great role model for kids isn’t part of being a coach…and if sports is not about building character…then what are we doing?