SEC Network recap of last year

I think it was called “Arkansas in 60”.

Watching that will bring you back to reality for this year. Boy did we have some pathetic effort in a couple games. I don’t know how I blocked that Auburn game from my memory, but that was as ugly as it gets. Was it ever discussed here why that happened? It looked like our spirit was broken by the end of the 1st qtr.

I really wonder how much improvement we can really make on defense in one year. I hope the offense can bring the running game back to prior levels so we can eat more clock. Seems to me that is one of our better hopes for the defense this year.

Ad nauseam.
Hopefully, no more of those kind of games in the works.

I watched that last night. I had forgotten we we fortunate to beat La. Tech 21-20 and really fortunate to beat TCU. We could have been 5-7 last year just as easily as we could have been 9-4. So 7-6 is about where we should have been after watching the year’s highlights in review on the SEC.

Close wins over LaTech, TCU and Ole Miss. Blow out losses with many, many big plays against A&M, Auburn, Alabama and LSU. Games we should have won against Missouri and Va Tech. But, one thing that jumped out at me was 30 points we scored on Alabama. Not sure whether Alabama had subs in the game, but that’s a lot of points against that defense. But, our defense was so bad that even 30 points couldn’t overcome a blowout. We have to keep our feet on the gas every play if we are going to avoid a repeat.

Austin Allen averages in first 5 games of season

18.8/27.8/246 yds.; .4 int; 2.4 td; 1.4 sacks; 4-1 Record

Last 8 games:

18.9/32.75/275 yds; 1.6 int; 1.6 td; 3.4 sacks; 3-5 Record

Austin took a beating all year, but after the 7 sacks in game 6, he seemed a bit gun-shy. I hope & pray this O-Line protects him this year!!!