SEC Network picks up second Arkansas-Florida game

The May 21 game at Baum-Walker Stadium will now start at 7 p.m. The game the night before will start at 6 p.m. on the network.

I thought this would happen. SEC Network set up a flex schedule for the final weekend and there aren’t any series that will draw more eyeballs than Arkansas-Florida.

#1 team in the nation and we rarely get to play on national tv. Why is there a secn alternate channel and they rarely use it? Our games have been streamed at least 85%.

It’s all about number of TV’s in the market. And we don’t have a big number

The schedule is mostly set pre-season. So lots of Florida games were scheduled to be on TV.

Because they were ranked number one preseason?

They aired LSU/auburn yesterday and airing again today. Burns my a$$.

Arkansas had 12 games scheduled for a TV network at the beginning of the season, and this will be the 13th. That is one-quarter of the games. That is a high number for a college baseball team, not to mention every game has been available to be streamed.

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It sure doesn’t seem like 12 games have been aired on tv. And ur saying 13 like it’s being aired today instead of only being streamed.

I see it’s being aired tomorrow though.

He’s saying the second FL game will be #13.

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Oh ok.

Not all of them have aired yet. Arkansas still has at least four TV games in the final three series — one apiece against Georgia and Tennessee, and at least two against Florida.

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Ive been pleased with our TV schedule especially when you consider almost half the top 10 teams are in the SEC and like you say we are on the next couple weeks

They only use the alternate channel during football season. I’ve never seen them put anything else on it.

I saw where the alternate channel had st and a&m airing couple weeks ago, but that’s the only one I’ve seen. I am great full to watch the live games they do air, and able to stream every game. Lots of sports going on this time of yr to. I would just like to get the idea of having the alternate channel and it’s rarely used. It’s a channel we pay for to.

If a game is running over on SECN they will air it on alternate channel have seen that a couple times this yr

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can never get the alternate channel although its listed in my channel guide(Direct TV)only get it during football season if and when the Razorbacks are on

The alternate channel has existed for two reasons: to ensure that all home SEC football games are shown on a channel that is accessible by cable/satellite, and as an overflow home if a game on SEC Network runs into the next scheduled game on the network.

They said they started the Georgia game Saturday night on the alternate channel. But I don’t get the alternate channel. In fact I couldn’t get the video at all until after the Tennessee game ended; ESPN+ said “game has not started yet” when I was listening to Phil and knew full well it was underway.

Well last night on the SECN, the game prior to ours ran over and they posted that the game was in progress and could be seen on ESPN app or SECN alt. I went to the (DirecTV) SECN alternate channel and it wasn’t on there.
I’m not complaining at you, Matt. I know you have no control over that.