SEC Network diss during "tribute" to Broyles

On the day that Coach Broyles passed, the SEC network had a nice 6+ minute package on his career and life. Links to it were posted here; it was very well done, for the most part.

However, embedded in the tribute was a very carefully worded dissection of the 1964 season that went out of it’s way to point out that the AP and UPI polls named Alabama the National Champions that year, and never once referenced the fact that Arkansas also received National Championship recognition by other well respected organizations.

We all know the story about the AP and UPI polls that year, and we know the reason why; because those polls were stuck in the past (with heavy Notre Dame influence, since ND didn’t play in Bowls by their own choice), and had not caught up with the fans - who absolutely considered the Bowl part of the overall Championship picture by the mid-50’s and beyond.

But, the bigger question is WHY use Coach Broyles’ video obituary as the forum to try and make that point? When honoring the man, and listing his accomplishments, why not just reference that year as what it was - a (mythical, as ALL Championships were in that era) National Championship - and forego the detailed (but incomplete and misleading) “history lesson”? Let Alabama tell their tale another day. But to tell their side (weak) of the story, and then to not even mention that we, too, had a legit claim to the title is unconscionable.

I hate to say this, and I don’t know it for a fact. But I can’t help but think that some sorry Alabama fan/grad either edited that piece, or forced them to used that language. Here’s what’s so pathetic. EVEN if that’s the way you truly feel (and, as I’ve pointed out here in more than a dozen posts over the years, that Championship is ours first; Bama can claim a small share if they choose, but I would not if I were them), WHY would you choose that time and circumstances to stroke the Bama ego?

It really, really pisses me off. I noticed it immediately, and have been seething about it since. However, I didn’t bring it to the board sooner, because I felt the focus should be solely on Coach Broyles for a few days. … s-feature/

I agree
They easily could have left that out and said we won NC
Awarded by X

i wouldn’t expect anything less from the "Alabama"network…when talking about opening weekend…the hogs are not even included…yes thursday isn’t the weekend…but it is the 1st game of the season for the network…give it at least some metion.guess when saban dies…we’ll have a 6hr tribute instead of 6 minutes

Or just said “and won a National Championship in 1964”. No need to go into the details.

History shows MANY years where they were more than one team that won the “mythical” National Championship in the years before the BCS (and now, CFP). But when someone says that Aauburn won the 1957 National Championship, for example, they don’t list “according to X” (turns out Auburn was named by AP that season, and Ohio State was named by UPI). I would submit that when obits for those two coaches were written, the national championship was referenced by each, without a discussion of it being shared, which poll, etc.

I’m teary-eyed after watching the service for Coach at Bud Walton–broadcast on KATV. He meant so much to so many.

But since this thread is about “dissing” someone sent me a link I made the mistake of clicking a couple of days ago. It was the ASU board. I was absolutely disgusted at the way so many of those yahoos talked about him. They’ve been jerks about him when he was alive & active, but I’d have thought they’d have shown some class upon his death. This is why I loathe ASU athletics. I won’t link it, but if you want to go there, it’s a Scout board and the heading is Frank Broyles.

I agree…to a point. I too noticed that, and it irritated me. Alot. They could easily of brought up the Grantland Rice trophy.

That said, I did cry watching the segment. It was touching.

And, since then, the SEC Network has consistently listed “1964 National Championship” whenever listing his name, or his accomplishments. Finebaum made a point to mention it, for instance.

But I agree…they should have made sure to include he won a National Championship…even if not a unanimous one.

Although we’ve been in the SEC for 25+ years, I STILL get the feeling at times that we are treated as an “outsider”!!!

No matter what they say or post you can’t diminish who Frank Broyles was and what he meant to Arkansas and college football. WPS

Typical of the SEC Network. Hell, half the NCs Bama claims are much less legitimate than ours but you don’t hear a word about that.

My favorite, is the mouth breathers have the audacity to claim championships for 64 AND 65, when they finished the regular season #2 behind Mich St. But then about half the championships they claim where awarded by the Tuscaloosa Knitting Circle, so I don’t know why it surprises me.

My favorite, is the mouth breathers have the audacity to claim championships for 64 AND 65, when they finished the regular season #2 behind Mich St. But then about half the championships they claim where awarded by the Tuscaloosa Knitting Circle, so I don’t know why it surprises me.
[/quote]Actually, Alabama was FOURTH heading into the Bowls following the 1965 season. Michigan State, Arkansas and Nebraska were all undefeated and ranked in that order 1-3 ahead of Alabama after the conclusion of the regular season. All 3 lost their Bowls that “didn’t matter back then”, according to Alabama fans. and the surprised Tide ended up at number 1.

I noticed

Bama OWNs the SEC

Everything is done to protect them

Notice on the SEC network they played old Ark vs Texas games mostly - I like beating Texas

But why not play 1995 Ark beating Bama?

It better yet 1998 Ark throttling Bama ?

Or 1992 Ark beating EOEK?

We’re any of those offered on the SEC network when Arkansas had its take over Day? Or did I miss it?

I hate the SEC front office they are NOT friends be it in scheduling or any other matter

Arkansas just needs to find s way to re arrange the furniture and burn the SEC down by winning

That’s my fantasy - Arkansas wins so much they become insane instead of simply condescending toward Arkansas

The current SEC Commissioner and his immediate two predecessors attended Coach’s remembrance so there was that.