SEC Network and Paul Finebaum..Razorback uniforms

i’m old and pretty well set in my ways but it aggravates me that on Finebaum’s show and the commercial advertising the return of SEC Football on the Network that Arkansas is shown with white helmets with the red hog and not our traditional red seems no other team is shown in its alternative helmet/uniform…so why should we?is it lack of respect or just misinformed interns who put the videos together?

I’m old, too, but I agree. However, I don’t blame Finebaum so much as I blame the fact that we wear “alternative” uniforms too often. To me, the helmet is the most important component of the uni. The red one with the white running hog is just iconic & shouldn’t be messed with. (I don’t mind if it’s matte, shiny, or regular, as long as it’s red & the hog is white.)

In the August heat with the season less than a month away, we are still undefeated, keeping our fingers crossed for few key injuries and no transfers or suspensions, I guess I understand the uniform discussions. Over the years I have seen some curious uniform choices, but as long as the kids are happy I am sure I can adjust.

No conspiracy, but I feel your pain. Does not look right. But it’s self inflicted wound. If the Hogs did not wear those white helmets, no one could take video of them and use it.

From the moment we started wearing the white helmets with the red logo I said we looked like…well…I won’t even say…

The Phoenix (St. Louis!) Cardinals. We’ll go with that.