SEC Men's Bball Twitter Numbers

Did some research.

SEC basketball twitter followers:

  1. Kentucky, 797.5k
  2. Tennessee, 217k,
  3. Arkansas, 199.6k
  4. Missouri, 109.9k
  5. Florida, 104.7k
  6. Alabama, 91.9k
  7. Auburn, 82.7k
  8. LSU, 76.6k
  9. South Carolina, 61.4k
  10. Mississippi State, 53.1k
  11. Texas A&M, 50.9k
  12. Ole Miss, 46.7k
  13. Georgia, 37.3k
  14. Vanderbilt, 25.k

This is really important these days.

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sweetcos, it is not fair to include Alabama, Auburn and Mississippi State (Of Confusion) in a public listing of this sort. MS does not have internet yet, and the other two use bathroom walls to email back and forth.


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