SEC Media Days

Arkansas will send Austin Allen, Frank Ragnow and Kevin Richardson to Hoover on Monday.

Will be interesting to see when Jen has the baby.

Arkansas is scheduled for Monday. In talking to Matt, sounds like they’ll get bumped to Thursday if she has it over the weekend. This’ll dictate which of us goes. If it’s Monday, I’ll be down there. Thursday, he’ll get it on his way to vacation in Florida. Selfishly, I hope the baby holds off so I can make the trip down. Not a ton else going on right now.

I’m looking forward to Bucky Freeze getting grilled. The media will probably be instructed to go easy on him. I suspect he is sweating wood pellets.

Yes, media are given their special question instructions at check-in with the press pass and the media guides.

It’s probably a good idea for an event like SEC Media Days. Things could get out of hand quick. But, it would be fun to watch. :smiley: