SEC Media Days

This time next week, Chad Morris and players will be making the rounds in Atlanta. Here’s the latest on how the circus will go down: … king-times

ICYMI – The three players who will accompany Chad Morris to Atlanta next week: … entatives/

Lord be willing - I plan on start working on my bucket list of things to see and do that career and family demands prevented for the last 50 + years

So soon I hope to go to SEC days and just watch

Does any other Razorback fans go to relax and see the festivities or is this a media only invited event?

There are usually fans of each school at media days to greet coaches and players as they walk in, so you definitely wouldn’t be alone if you went. Alabama fans packed the place when it was in the Birmingham area. Team reps for the day (Arkansas’ are Morris, Santos, Froholdt and Greenlaw this year) are typically pretty good about stopping for autographs and taking some time to mingle with fans. It could be a fun time if you decided to go.

The SEC Media Days are a zoo. They moved it to Atlanta this year to increase foot traffic at the College Football Hall of Fame. In Hoover, the interviews were at a hotel and fans crowded the lobby area for a chance to get autographs and pictures, mostly of the Alabama and Auburn personnel.

I never feel like I learn much from media days because there are too many people in the rooms. The questions typically range from generic to downright goofy. If you want to learn about or from someone, you almost always have to sit down with them in a one-on-one setting and ask a series of questions that are intelligent and well thought out.

TYSM Scottie - it’s on the bucket list

Retiring for the final time so next year I can start options fir the bucket list

First - I’m going to visit Old Soldiers I served with around the world - pleasure not business- I can taste a “Plank” Beir now -

Yes - This is on the bucket list

That’s why I read you