SEC Media Days. Expecting any new Story Lines??

SEC Media Days starts today. I’m wondering if there will be any surprising story lines coming out of it?

The best one I have heard were the questions that Saban will get if Alabama can recover after the thumping they took by Clemson. Is their reign over. They may not even be competing for the SEC West (I heard it on the ESPN Sirius channel). I would think this is one team you don’t want to play this year because they were embarrassed and are mad about what happened.

IMO SEC Media Days are like all media days, worthless hyperbole hype.

If I were a gambler, I would not bet against Bama.

I don’t go to SEC media days. Never saw a reason to go. I have not seen one thing come out of these that makes me want to drive to Hoover to hear them. Sorry.

Mostly, what happens at the SEC media days is media interviewing media. I don’t care for that. And, I know there is no one there wanting to interview me. Hence, I stay home.

I did find it interesting when in the old days the media loaded up on a plane or a bus and visited each campus. You could talk to any coach or any player for as much as you saw fit. That had value. Now it’s pretty much a group setting and no one gets to ask more than about two questions.

The local ABC affiliate here in Chattanooga has their sports director on site at SEC Media Days. He had a clip of Kelly Bryant talking useless cliches. He said it was hot and appeared to be bored.

The media days serve one purpose: to cater to the TV partners of the SEC. The early-season College GameDay segments, the in-game interviews on ESPN and CBS, etc., are recorded in Hoover.

Otherwise, the media days have become a zoo with too many credentialed people. I prefer doing interviews when there aren’t hundreds of other people in the room. I tend to see very little substance coming from the event.

This is what I remember - the old SWC pre-season caravan. Got reports on each team for 8 consecutive days. As you mentioned, Clay, the content in those articles far surpassed the generic blather coming out of Hoover.

It is a media driven get together for the SEC and SEC Network to promote the league. However, it also sets expectations for all the fanbases and often there is not the in depth analysis of each team which the old day caravans afforded . Thus , when season starts and expectations are not met , the fire the coach drama starts and the cycle repeats itself. It is foolish to say Bama is finished due to one game with Clemson. Saban has pretty fair track record. Same to say Mizzou will be on par with Georgia and Florida, maybe but not yet.

If you were a gambler, you’d also know there are odds and Bama’s aren’t worth taking

Yeah. Lots of new ones. Bama will be predicted to win the SECW & UGA to win the SECE. Hogs will be picked last in the west. Nick Saban will get lots of coverage.