SEC Medal count at World Track&Field championships

SEC continues to be the premier conference in producing most elite athletes for US and other countries. Medals won by athletes who competed in the SEC. Note the 4 relay events will have multiple medalists for the same event.

Kentucky. 4 gold, 0 silver 1 bronze
Texas A&M 3-1-0
Florida 3-0-1
LSU 3-0-1
Arkansas 1-1-0
Georgia 1-0-1
Auburn 0-2-0
South Carolina 0-0-1
Miss State 0-0-1

Congratulations on the 1-1-0 achievement, but hopefully before too long with all of the resources invested the UA tracks programs will receive deserved attention. The four programs listed above the Razorbacks have attained those spots by recruitment, coaching, and facilities. Whatever the deficits are in recruitment deserve correction to assure the curtain cycle goes upward from the present dip. SEC track with the addition of Texas (and OU) is going to be even more competitive going forward.

Recruiting is where it is as always.

We need elite sprinters. But sprinters go where elite sprint coaches are. Right now, that is LSU, A&M, Florida and recent addition of Kentucky. We had great sprinters when Lance Brauman was the sprint coach, like Gay, Spearmon and that also attracted Veronica Campbell to Women’s program.,The reputation that was built by that, attracted Omar McLeod to us.

I don’t think we have an elite sprint coach at this time, Wonder if that is why Isaiah Sategna chose Oregon initially.

Under McDonnell, the program attracted elite distance runners, his specialty. That seems to have stopped with his retirement.

If you notice, we are still very successful as a team in the conference championships, because we win those based on depth and by multiple athletes scoring in the same event, but not by winning many individual events. Not winning events also leads to not making qualifying standards to qualify for NCAAs, resulting in not finishing near the top.

IIRC, the men only scored points at the NCAA with our two decathletes, including Owens-Delerme who won the title. We’ll hope that Sategna and others start to turn that around,

It would also help if we can get quality people out of the portal like Owens-Delerme.

Yeah. Believe Britton Wilson also came over via the portal from Tennessee.

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Not being more than a journeyman observer and fan I tend to agree with your points. We have rather obvious investments in facilities, and to some degree, coaches. In the latter years of the McDonnell era, as I recall we lost our highly respected assistant, Dick Booth, twice for opportunities elsewhere (UF and BAMA). I also recall McDonnell originated the strategy of multiple scoring entries versus only nationally ranked competitors in NCAA meets that produced championships. The current program’s approach seems less effective in this strategy lacking McDonnell’s companion strategy of recruiting outstanding distant runners. It seems now everyone in the SEC has recruited internationally as well or better than the UA program. Again as a fan, what I am observing is the national, or even, internationally ranked athletes seek base sites that offer a combination of excellent coaches, other equally talented athletes, excellent training equipment and facilities, and I suspect, locations that are easily accessed. I am realistic in understanding changes in track, particularly at the professional level, create a different challenge today than McDonnell faced but it is still a matter of coaching, facilities, and recruited athletes. I hope we are seeing an upward trend but I do wonder if our commitment is going to the challenge of our SEC competition.

If kids follow the money, is there a great NIL program, which you did not address, for our track program?

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Doug Case has been our sprint guy since Bucknam took over and he developed McLeod into a gold medalist; he was nowhere near that caliber when we got him.

I’ll agree that we’re not getting the elite distance runners any more. Not sure who’s getting them, or if they’re just turning pro and skipping college entirely.

Oregon seems hotbed for distance runners. Wisconsin to a later existent.

You are right on the NIL and I worry about Oregon and NIKE going even further than they have to date. I suppose Knight has a priority of making certain his school has Nike support but he, no doubt, has a business strategy that embraces other programs as well such as the Hill. I hope we are creating the structure within the NIL to make certain the right NIL deals are available for recruites whether from the portal, high school, or internationally. A Nike logo with the Razorback Brand should market well in Walmart’s national and international retail base by team achievement but even better on an individual with national or international ranking. It is not outside the possibilities of the development of a Razorback national training center sold via the NIL or even from a platform composed of a collaboration of Walmart vendors as well as the Athletic Department and University. Again to the point, the emergence of the NIL is a bullet train today for tomorrow’s excellence in athletics, and particularly in individual performance sports such as track, golf, tennis, gymnastics, swimming, and diving, etc.

It seems Florida is becoming the portal king in T&F like Muss in basketball. They are making big news gobbling up major transfers. Arkansas needs to get with it,

I don’t think Arkansas lost Dick Booth to anyone. Bucknam fired him for whatever reason. Booth texted the Florida coach right afterward, and the Florida coach said come on down.

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