SEC is represented well in MLB All Star Game

Former SEC players that I know of in tonight’s game are:
James McCann UA
Walker Buehler Vandy
Mike Minor Vandy
Sonny Gray Vandy
Alex Bregman LSU
DJ Lemehu LSU
Pete Alonzo UF (HR Derby Winner)
Max Scherzer MO

Any others?

Scherzer is from the Big 12-model Misery, so he doesn’t quite count.

Those were all. There were 16 players in the All-Star Game who played college baseball. Half played at current SEC schools, although as Jeff said, Scherzer did not play in the SEC.

In my view, Max Scherzer is the best pitcher in the game. He has great stuff, goes to the mound every 5 days and is just a frickin’ bulldog. None of these guys are worth what they are making, but if anybody gets close to earning his outrageous salary…it is Scherzer. He is a guy who could take many of the top clubs from contender to world champion. I wonder if the Nats will deal him…probably not. There has been some talk, but I doubt it. I certainly wouldn’t trade him, but for a couple of great prospects…who knows?

He could put those Cardinals into the hunt, for sure. He is a St. Louis boy, isn’t he? I hope the Cards don’t get him, but he would take them from a good ball club to a contender.