SEC is definitely doing well in Baseball

9 teams in the tournament and everyone has played 2 games except Ole Miss who has only played 1 and so far and the records are 14-3.

Tenn 2-0
TA&M 2-0
Florida 1-1
Vandy 1-1
LSU 2-0
Auburn 2-0
Ole Miss 1-0
Ark 2-0
Georgia 1-1

Total runs scored in those games is a staggering 193-88.
8 games with 10 or more runs and 5 of those are 19+ with Georgia coming in as the leader with a 24 run game.

Now if we consider Future SEC and add Texas (spit) and Oklahoma in the mix, the win loss goes up to 18-3 with one of the losses coming because Florida played Oklahoma. And run production goes up 225-96 and the games of 10+ runs goes from 8 to 10.

SEC Dominance is on display right now putting up some amazing numbers!!

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Ole miss only played one game? Did they cancel one hoping to improve their RPI? :smile:


It rained like 10 inches in Miami Friday. They didn’t get to start the regional until Saturday.

Yeah, quite a “down” year for the SEC. :flushed::flushed:


The SEC could nail down five spots in the supers tonight and OM can get in the driver’s seat if they beat Miami. Of course we know what Omaha stands for: Ole Miss Ain’t Here Again.

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