SEC Hoops tonight

Tough call.

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Yeah I’ve seen a whole lot worse than that not be called a foul

I’m firmly in the poultry corner…

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And we’re going to overtime. Miller has 35 of the Scum’s 68 points.

Not good for chickens. Advantage Bama.

And Miller pushed off on the drive for the tying bucket

The foul called on Brown on Bradley’s drive was horrible. Bradley used his off arm to push off!

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Carolina worn out…

South Carolina has made some tough shots!!

SC should have won the game in regulation.
They have made the last 2 that were tough for sure. Now they have to make a shot. Missed free throws the front end of the 1 and 1 cost them a possession.
To top it off I still think Bama has 2 players on the floor that shouldn’t be playing.

How in the world can South Carolina not have somebody right there in front of the rim to stop that crap you know what they’re going to do is isolate and him drive

Miller makes a layup with 0.8 left. And Bediako set an illegal screen.

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Knew it was gonna happen.

Yes and Seth said what a screen! It’s just a bunch of crap.

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Army. How ya doing. Been in my prayers.

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I’m doing pretty good. Looking at the flowers from the top side. Blessed.


Amen. Good news.

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Idiot timekeeper started the clock on the pass down the baseline.

The clock isn’t suppose to start until the ball is touched in bounds.

Turn out the lights….