SEC Hoops tonight

At the half LSU leads Vandy
Also at the Half
Florida leads Kentucky
If those 2 scores hold the Higs can gain ground in the standings.

Kentucky/FL back and forth.

Miller playing tonight. Tells you all you need to know about him and Oates.

Kentucky getting a little separation now. Up 6. About 5 minutes left or so.

Hopefully Kentucky holds on. Want Cats to keep winning until they face us again.

Kentucky up double digits now. Looks like Cats will survive Gators tonight.

LSU a couple of minutes away from the second conference win.

Leading Vandy by 6 at home.

LSU beat Vandy.

Fla down 2 now!

Florida down 5. This one is over Florida gave up an offensive Board bucket and 1. Down 6.
Kentucky won. At least the hogs gained a game on Vandy.

Yep we’re tied with Vandy now. If OM beats Auburn we’ll be tied with them as well.

The crowd is pretty sparse in Columbia. They give Miller down the road when he gets the ball. But nothing big. No signs and stuff that they are showing on TV.

So far Bama looks like a team that has been distracted. Very sloppy, turning it over, committing fouls. Poultry just hit them with a 15-2 run. And I’m getting another dose of Sandstorm. MAKE IT STOP!

SC giving Bama fits right now!! Birds are up 22-16 early 1st half.

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I’ve not watched Bama at all this year. Gotta give Miller props. What a talent.

He really is fun to watch. Jackson is too.

Meechie Johnson swished it from halfcourt at the buzzer! Poultry by 4 at the half.

Miller is one amazing player. He has half of bama’s points. They are a definite one player team.

Devo is licking his chops, and Nick knows he’s better than Miller.
Can’t wait to play them.

Poultry still up 3 at the last TVTO. Miller is balling out; the rest of the team is the issue.