SEC hoops coaches

While it seems like a bit of a down year in the SEC this year, it is really amazing the list of coaches in the SEC now. This has to be strongest lineup of coaches in SEC history.

Who is the “worst” coach in the SEC? Stackhouse? Kermit Davis? Nate Oates? Cuonzo Martin? There aren’t really any weak links

The future of the league in hoops looks very strong

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The SEC has a few true dirt bags as coaches! Leading the list Grease Ball Cal, Lying Bruce, Honest Ben, and don’t forget My lips are sealed Will! What a collection of rear axx holes! These are a true list of the worst coaches in the conference.
They all share some traits no moral compass and win at all cost. Grease Ball Cal is the king of under achieving with the most talent so he would get my vote for the #1 of the select bunch.

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Will reminds me of Hugh Freeze. Cheat to get to the top quickly then will fall and disappear. I expect him to be the first out. I expect them to have a losing conference record this year and not get any better next year.

I think you are right about those 4. But Howland or a bag man flat out paid perry. I’m sure howland has deniability. The LSU coach Wade was caught on tape. How he escaped that is beyond me. Cal and pearl are loved by media. Both good coaches but questionable recruiting tactics at best.

Cal isn’t a good coach! With all the talent he has he is an underachiever. I would like to see Kentucky miss the NCAA tournament and them we will see just how much that lifetime contract means!

With Wade he is just a snake!

Pearl will need to start getting ready for another job the self imposed penalties auburn imposed doesn’t mean the head coach gets off without punishment he is responsible for anything that has happened!

Miss St and Ben Their time is coming.

I detest Calipari, but I think he’s a heckuva coach. Maybe others could mold a team out of great freshmen, too. But I tend to think that’s not an easy task. I watch their defensive fundamentals and see good stuff. I’ve always thought he knew how to run sets and get guys good shots. The team that gets the best shots usually wins and that starts with defensive scheme. You have to score, yes. But you have to make it hard for the other team to score. I think Calipari does that.

Clay, I absolutely agree with you. Always thought Calipari was better than people give him credit for

Edit: Was better at coaching, don’t want people to think he’s not a slime ball