SEC Honor For Atalyia Rijo

Freshmen of the Week

Atalyia Rijo, Arkansas

Rijo, a shortstop from Horseheads, N.Y., paced her squad with a .636 batting average as the Razorbacks went 5-0 at the UNLV Rebel Kickoff. Rijo also tallied seven hits, six runs scored, five RBI and four walks. On defense, she totaled five putouts and 10 assists, including a double play against Southern Utah.

Horseheads, NY is near Elmira, NY located on the PA. stateline with NY North of Harrisburg.

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I know all about Elmira and Horseheads. Dad flew gliders and sailplanes for years, a nod to his dad who was a WWII Army glider pilot. The most common sailplane he flew (and took me up in) was a Schweizer, built in Horseheads. And the National Soaring Museum is located in Elmira; soaring is what they call flying sailplanes, which stay aloft by riding currents of rising warm air called thermals (so winter soaring pretty much doesn’t work). Gliders don’t do that; they get towed up to altitude, drop the rope and slowly coast down to the ground.

He also built a sailplane himself in our garage, which I dinged part of during construction; it was the maddest I’ve ever seen him. But he never flew it, and wound up donating it to the UA engineering school.


I knew the Soaring Museum was there and as you likely know, Mark Twain lived in Elmira off and on. His wife and her family were from Elmira.

Special memories.

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