SEC Guilty of Targeting Hogs

How appropriate & to the point was Wally Hall’s commentary in today’s editorial about SEC officials targeting the Hogs & the Razorbacks during the LSU game & throughout this season. Perhaps Wally is warming up to UofA sports!

Unfortunate that the SEC officials are obviously & perhaps purposely “targeting” Razorback football & Catalon as noted by other sportswriters & talk shows around the country. CSP & his staff already had more than enough hurdles in turning around a broken program after the last few seasons.

Unfortunately, I won’t read it. The only times I click on a Wally article are when I don’t realize it’s one of his. The Latest News page here really helps by clearly indicating that he was the author. I live out of state, and several years ago cancelled my ADG subscription. Told them I would renew when Wally was gone. Sad this site has to link him in.

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Me too dino647. I told the ADG the same thing over a decade ago. -ally -all will not be read by me.

A broken clock is still right twice a day.


I feel the same way about another guy who has a column every day, I won’t read any of JB’s words. But the ADG could care less if I told them I was cancelling my subscription because of him.

Good article and accurate but the SEC doesnt care = I think they are actually trying to signal for us to leave the conference by their conduct

My Answer - Play so well the refs don’t matter just like in the old SWC days and my hope of hope is We run over some refs in the process - Its not civil anymore


While I live in Georgia, I don’t care for the SEC. I think the Hogs need to find a new pasture…and quickly.


The only alternative conference the makes sense geographically is the Big 12. That is a dysfunctional conference of discontents that are tired of adhering to ut’s decisions & with some schools hoping to jump to the Big 10 or elsewhere. After the Big 12 contract expires in 2025, many here in DFW believe Big 12 will disband.

Officiating during the SWC days was just as bad as the SEC. We can be competitive in SEC as we rebuild & recruit. Expect there will be more balance in the SEC, especially after Saban retires.


For sure, there are ups and downs as coaches change. Someone told me couple of weeks ago the Big 12 is a JV league.


Well, you should take the time to read this one as it says what we are all thinking, you included probably…


Big 12 is a joke of a football conference. It is a great basketball league unfortunately I don’t see that changing in the foreseeable future. I also do not see us leaving SEC ever. We left the SWC after the 1990 season. In 1989 we won the SWC and played in Cotton Bowl. Vandy finished in its traditional last place in SEC in 1989 and yet Vandy brought in more TV money than we did even after playing in Cotton Bowl! We would be committing financial suicide if we left especially after this pandemic year. Big 12 has also lost A&M, Missouri, and Nebraska to other leagues. Do get mad as hell when calls go against us you darn straight AND we would have to put up with Texas Longhorn Network! I don’t know about other schools but I do know Nebraska left for Big 10 over that one issue! Also a few years ago Texas was interested in moving to SEC BUT SEC said that they would have to give up their Longhorn Network and Texas turned it down and shows the arrogance of Texas! SEC took A &M instead.


Nebraska also learned that ut had been negotiating a move to the PAC12 while assuring the Big12 members that they were committed to the Big12. That was the last straw for NE, CO, & MO when they learned that plus the fact that NE was tired of being one of many stepchildren of ut. MO wanted Big10 but was not mutual feelings.

ut would never go to SEC since their arrogance would not allow them to be an equal in any conference plus joining SEC opens State of TX to SEC recruiting. Was told that when AR got offer from the SEC, that was actually in hopes to entice ut & aTm to also join with AR as the SWC collapsed. It would have been a financial windfall for SEC to get the DFW, Houston, San Antonio, & Austin tv markets. aTm wanted to leave at that time, but TX legislature threatened to cut funding to aTm.

Yup they don’t their conduct shows it and their alignment with Mizzou is a signal where they want us to stay

I don’t think we leave we just go “Boarbarian” on them and burn old Dixie down and make it an absolute pain to play us

The national media loves tough teams we need to be that and Coach Sam will do that

I say that because there is No place to really go

But yes is the SEC signaling they would like us to leave - their conduct sure shows it

But lets hang around and burn the place down make the SEC oue Hog Wallow

But a broken rock is never right…

I don’t think they really want us to leave, but it sure seems like we’re their whipping boy. I think the main issue here is not malfeasance, it’s Ken Switzer’s incompetence.


The SEC has always been a conference which favored Alabama, their favorite. Georgia Tech left the SEC once upon a time due to Alabama shennanagins and their once proud program went into the tank where it still remains. We really have no place to go except except the Big 12, and that is a big step down in college football. We are stuck in the SEC, so what are we going to do to make things fairer for us? Is there anything we can do? Probably not, except just sit and take it.

If Hunter Yurachek were more vocal about our treatment, it probably would only result in us catching more grief. We are stuck. The only thing we can do is get the football program improved, so we too can start getting some calls like Alabama and Auburn do.

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Big 12 is going to implode, just like the SWC and for the same reason – Texass arrogance. We got out from under the Fallopians when the getting was good. If we’d stayed in the SWC we’d probably be in the American Athletic Conference now. We need to stay where we are and rebuild the football program. Otherwise we’re fine. Hoops, soccer, baseball, softball, track are all enormously competitive.


Swine, you nailed it. It would be absolute idiocy to leave the SEC.


I agree with you on that one Jeff.

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We have been competitive in most SEC sports, except football. With CSP as head coach & HY managing & promoting Arkansas athletics, the pieces are in place for our football program to also be competitive again in a couple of years. Even Petrino made us a top 5 team in his short tenure at AR.

The SEC money & prestige of SEC play to attract top recruits make any alternative conference a big step down. No interest in following the Hogs if downgraded to a Sunbelt Conference or Big12.