SEC golf day 3

On the course early for the final day before the eight-team cut to match play. Hogs are now alone in 8th, a shot ahead of the Rebnecks and two shots behind Misery. Those three teams are playing together so we’ll know what we need to do.

A lot of bogies on the front. We’re down to 11th at this point.

Yep, not looking good.

Julian Perico is -3 today but the rest of the team is +2 or worse. Currently 10th, three shots out of 8th, starting the back nine.

We’re done for the day, +3 in 10th. Unless Moo U and Jawja blow up on the remaining holes, we won’t make the cut. Perico was four under for the day, everyone else over par.

Officially eliminated; Georgia finished one shot ahead of us and probably won’t make the cut either. Moo U is still on the course but can’t finish behind us. Georgia’s last guy bogeyed 18, but if he’d double bogeyed it his score wouldn’t have counted so it didn’t matter. And Moo U’s last guy on the course is already their worst score so he could make 8’s from here on and it wouldn’t matter.

Oh well, hopefully have a better week in the NCAA regionals in a few weeks.

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