SEC goes to 10 game conference schedule

For what it’s worth. It seems like the 10 game conference schedule is likely.

Well crap. I’m afraid that’s gonna make it hard for us to win many games this season. I just hope we don’t draw UGA or FL from the east. That’s going to eliminate the intrastate games between UF/FSU; UGA/GTech, & SC/Clemson.

FWIW, I still doubt anybody gets all 10 games in.

It’s official.

With our football luck, GA and FL will probably be exactly who they give us. Really hoping for 2 of Vandy, SC, or KY. I’m sure we will Keep MO and TN, who are on our current schedule.

We get GA and USCe according to Finbaum.

Well, we should have known we couldn’t dodge both of them. Gonna be a tough season.

I just got an email from the ticket office to that effect.

We get Ga and SC from the East

With the season basically starting 2 months from now how does that affect ongoing practices???

We’ll be in shape??

How did Bama draw Vandy???

If the NCAA will keep out of it we should be able to have them all in get shape… who knows what they will say though

NCAA will have very little to do with this, NCAA didn’t tell Michigan State to shut down for two weeks because of a lot of positive tests. That’s what’s going to keep people from being in shape. And who knows what will happen when normal students start arriving on campus.

The NCAA doesn’t run college football. The conferences do. The NCAA runs March Madness and the CWS so they could shut those down last spring. But they don’t control the football season or the playoffs.

According to a story on, they are planning to take the schools that will rotate onto everyone’s schedule in 2021 and 2022 and add them for this year. So according to the rotation schedule Marty posted in the FAQ list, we would get Georgia (2021) and the Chickens (2022). Bama gets Florida (2021) and Vandy (2022).

Does that mean next year we get the 2023 rotation (which is Florida)? No idea.

Also, the league presidents have not approved who will be added yet, according to that story,

I wonder if there will be all new rules and guidelines for the committee voting for the 4 team play-offs. AP and Coaches polls will be pretty meaningless with no OOC games. They should go to a 6 team play-off (2-byes??) of the Power 5 champs and a committee pick of one more team from all conferences including the Power 5 conferences. In fact, this might be the perfect year to test the 8 team playoffs many want.

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I don’t envy Bill Hancock and the CFP selection committee. With only G5 NC games in the ACC to look at other than conference games? Pretty much going to have to throw those out and hope some of the advanced metrics provide some answers.

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I almost think I’d rather the hogs not have a season. I think that would actually be better for them, than a real possibility of no wins or 2 max wins.
I hope miracles happen this is a no bueno situation for us.

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I would rather play 10 SEC games than 8 SEC games and 4 non-conference games. We may get our butts handed to us, but at least we will get our money’s worth, so to speak.

Did anyone ever think Alabama would lose Vanderbilt as an opponent? That was not going to happen.
I just hope we can play a full season…I don’t think we will, but I hope we do.

I hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. No way to just proclaim 4 of conf winners get to go but one doesn’t. Without interconference competition, there’s no good way to claim one conf is stronger. I guess if one of the conf winners has 2 losses & the others have <2, you could exclude the one, but no one can count on that.

I think it’s all theoretical, though. I can’t see us completing a 10-game season, a championship game, and then a bowl or CFP game. I’d bet several teams either have a covid eruption or come from schools that do. I don’t think they can isolate the teams well enough to prevent virus spread. Right now I’d take an 8 game season & be quite happy.

Like jrdent, I think our program might be better off without a season than to play 10 games with little chance of winning 2 or more games. Lord knows we don’t need a winless season. Unfortunately, we can’t afford the huge revenue hit, either.

Agree on being better off without playing 10 games with little change of winning 2 or more games. This could turn out to be our worst nightmare – as if the past two seasons haven’t been bad enough. I just never imagined our program could be at such a low point…