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I don’t know who “New Arena” is, but I like their SEC forecast. They predict the Hogs at 9-3. 6-2 in the SEC and tied for 2nd with A&M in the SECW, but losing to A&M during the season. I’d take that, even though I hate losing to A&M. Our 3rd loss was to BYU on the road, which I believe we win.

They forecast all 14 SEC teams. Just cursor down and hit the “next arrow”:

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That would be another phenomenal year, staying healthy will have a lot to do with it.

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If Hogs beat BYU I’ll be very impressed. I think it’s an extremely difficult game given where it falls on the schedule.


Can’t disagree. SEC team coming into Provo will be a big deal.

Yes and they are a very physical team, always have big strong guys and will want to play a phone booth type of football game which maybe harder for us to do in that climate

I’ll take that forecasted record however it shakes out.
BYU will be a tough game considering where it falls in schedule, injury situation, altitude and being like a bowl game for them at home.

BYU has the most experienced team coming back in the whole country. Most production coming back as well.

BYU will be an extremely tough one on the road! If earlier in schedule I might take us but man, with where it is in the schedule it may be an up hill battle for the Hogs. What might help is going out a day earlier than normal and practicing in that altitude if possible.

Where’s your confidence in the Hogs guys? ESPN’s FPI, have the Hogs as the slight favorite. They predict BYU to end with a 7-5 record. They ended their season last year with a loss to UAB in their bowl game.

Yes, it will be a tough road game. Yes, the timing in our schedule isn’t great. But, if we play a solid game with few or no TOs we should win this game. We are the better team IMO. It will be a good test for the Hogs.

An NCAA web site’s pre-season poll has the Hogs at #17 and BYU at #21. Which says, yes it will be a tough game. Personally, I’m worried more about Cincinnati than BYU, even though it’s a home game.

Found this on a BYU website:

Another pre-season poll (Sporting News) has the Hogs at #15, Cincy at 22 and BYU unranked.

Just all food for thought.


We will have to play very well to beat Cincinnati in the opener. That is a huge game for us because of all the positive recognition we’ve been getting.
We have not started off the season playing well in a long time and that will be a must because Cincinnati will be well coached and they will have good players even though most of them will be inexperienced. A loss to them would not be good.


No tuneup game this year, that’s for sure. Got to be ready to run right out of the gate,

I give the edge to the Hogs vs Cincy, mainly due to returning our starting QB vs them with a new starter on the road. Without K.J., I’d be a lot more worried about needing a tuneup game.

S. Carolina is also no gimmee in game 2 after our marquee opener and the dreaded 11 AM letdown time slot. And Beamer seems to be a great fit there, much like Sam, but I think Sam is a little too much ahead at this point.

I think we roll against Missouri St in advance of the gauntlet.

I agree with the BYU game being extremely difficult and I will probably lean towards a loss there on my season predictions simply because of where it falls on the schedule.

It’s similar to where Auburn fell last year. I thought we were a much better team than Auburn, but we were beat up and flat from having played A&M, Georgia, and Ole Miss the previous 3 weeks.

We will travel to Provo following games vs A&M, Bama, and at Miss St so I’m not sure how much will be left in the tank physically and emotionally. Plus traveling for an out of conference game to a different time zone, in a different altitude, against a team returning 16 starters and playing their homecoming game against an SEC team. Hopefully we can just line up and run it down their throat!

If that game was almost anywhere else on the schedule, I think we win by two scores. They do play Notre Dame in Vegas the week before so maybe that helps us a bit.

Once we get past that game and through the open date, I feel we have a fairly decent shot to win out if we stay healthy.

This team will be markedly better, I feel. Whether that translates to any more wins vs last year, I’m not sure. 8-4 regular season and then a bowl win again would still indicate improvement to me. And I’d for sure take that 9-3 prediction in a heartbeat. Going to be a fun year regardless. WPS!


Good well thought out post. Can’t find fault with your thought process on each game. I still like our chances at BYU, but more from a big picture. I believe the top 7 teams in the SEC are all better than BYU. I see the negative circumstances of where the BYU game falls on our schedule. But if we were playing one of the 7 bottom teams in the SEC on the road in that same spot, I would expect to beat them. That’s why I feel pretty good about a win at BYU.


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