SEC Football Final re: Hogs win & culture

Dari Nowkhah: “What’s the ultimate take away from the Razorback win?

Gene Chizik:


Saw that and agreewith him

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When I watched the show I heard those comments as well! It’s about time for our hogs to earn some respect. I believe Coach Pittman is a winner and he cares about his players and people like all of us! He is a hog fan too! We are lucky to have him!

Yes sir, we are very Lucky to have CSP as our coach

wow, that’s a great paragraph. as much as i didn’t like Chizik at Auburn, he is so complimentary of our coaches. I really like him on the SEC show. That’s not the first time he’s said something like that this season, he was about as complimentary of our D after the UT and A&M games. it’s like an info-mercial for CSP!


Here is the actual video clip with more than just what Chizik has to say.

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