SEC Fines Frank Martin $25,000

After making a comment about an official Coach Frank Martin gets fined. I just wonder if there’s a by law where the ref’s can be fined and reprimanded as well!
Mr “Stnkey” needs to do his job and improve the quality of the officials. Or is there a way Stinkey himself can be fined for not doing his job! He may have been promoted to a position of total incompetence.
I have not noticed Coach Ben Holland getting fined after he commented about his horrible call that cost his team the win at Missouri!

I use to didn’t like Frank Martin that much. I thought he was a “little much” with how animated he gets when he’s upset. But, since he’s been in the SEC and I’ve gotten a chance to see a lot of his teams and watch the SEC behinds the scenes stuff, he’s quickly becoming my second favorite coach in the SEC. I admire how hard his teams play. I don’t care who he has on his roster you know when he’s coaching you’re in for a battle. My only criticism, if he’s willing to take the fine for criticizing the officials, he should have got his money’s worth. If he’s a bad official call it out, don’t try to sugarcoat it by saying he’s an official from another league. Channel that inner Mike Anderson and call him out by name and let it be known he sucks.

Frank Martin is a simple common family man that got lucky and landed a good job coaching. He deserves credit for what he has done. He is sure fun to watch on the sideline.