SEC Fantasy Football

I had this question posed to me the other day and thought I would pose it here. If you were selecting an SEC fantasy football team this year, who would be your top choices?

Here are my picks and reasons. Hopefully it doesn’t look too much like the preseason SEC team or too influenced by what I’ve seen in the Razorbacks’ practice.

QB - Josh Dobbs, Tennessee: Dual-threat should produce good numbers. Toss-up between he and Trevor Knight, who I think will fit in well at Texas A&M.

RBs - Leonard Fournette, LSU, and Rawleigh Williams, Arkansas: Probably the toughest position group to choose. Fournette is obvious if he can get healthy. I went with Williams because I think he is going to be a byproduct of the system this year. He looks quick and strong. Nick Chubb is an obvious omission, but I’m interested to see how he’s able to cut.

WRs - Drew Morgan, Arkansas, and Calvin Ridley, Alabama: Morgan is going to get a lot of targets, which should equal a lot of yards. Ridley is probably the league’s best big-play threat.

TE - Evan Engram, Ole Miss: Big part of the Rebels’ offense. I don’t think he’s the best all-around tight end, but he’s the best receiver. I do like how Arkansas and Alabama use their tight ends in the red zone, which typically inflate their TD numbers.

Flex - Christian Kirk, Texas A&M: The Aggies find ways to get the ball in his hands on offense, and he’s also a special teams threat. Evan Berry of Tennessee would fit here, too, because of his kick return numbers last year.

Kicker - Daniel Carlson, Auburn: Groza Award finalist last year when he made four field goals of at least 50 yards.

Defense - Georgia: Has recruited well on that side of the ball for years and should benefit from defensive-minded head coach. Also not a lot of good offenses in the SEC East.

Wait. You don’t have Swag Kelly as your QB and not even your second choice?

Last year Josh Dobbs:
Passing - 2291yds 15tds 5int
Rushing - 671yds 11tds — has Jalen Hurd and Alvin Kamara returning

Last year Chad Kelly:
Passing - 4042 yds 31 tds and 13 ints
Rushing - 500yds 10 tds — just lost Jordan Wilkins for the year

Matt, our college draft is next week. You can have a spot anytime with what I’ve just read. [/color]

Thanks. I’m in! :lol:

I thought about Kelly. Not sold on him having a year that big. He turnover prone and they lost quite a bit on offense, especially the line.

Dobbs after game 1, at home, v a Sun Belt team:

16/29 192 yards 1 TD, 1 INT
9 rushing attempts, -4 yards

There is no more overrated player in college football than Joshua Dobbs.

I love this thread.

Vern has not mentioned that Dobbs is studying Areospace Engineering. Every other play by play man mentions it repeatedly. He is obviously a smart kid but not a top QB. Of course Vern called Tennessee Texas in the first half.

Fair to middlin’. Engram was the best choice by far. I would’ve thought Kirk would have had a much better year and did draft him in my league. I think you did about as well as you could have at RB, all things considered. You didn’t know that LF would’ve been hurt. Ridley and Morgan were 10th and 11th in receiving yards. I wouldn’t have expected Bama to start a true freshman at QB and don’t expect you would have picked Ridley had you known that either.
Bama’s defense was the obvious omission.
And I don’t think I need to comment on Dobbs any further.

It’s funny you responded to this thread because I was thinking about it the other day.

I was never sold on Dobbs being a great QB, but this is all about statistics and he delivered. He led the SEC in touchdown passes (26) and touchdowns accounted for (36). He also had the highest QB rating. He had about the year I expected once he got to play the defenses from the SEC East. Kelly probably would have led both categories had he not been injured.

Kirk did about what I thought he would in the return game with three punt return touchdowns. He wasn’t terrible catching the ball (842 yards, 9 TDs), especially given how much more the Aggies ran this year.

You’re right about the Alabama defense. My thoughts in the preseason were that it had struggled to contain spread teams the past few years and would continue to do so with a new coordinator. That obviously didn’t happen. It was great.

Yeah I suppose my Chad Kelly pick got derailed. I am in two leagues. The starting QB on the winner in both leagues was…

… Nick Fitzgerald.

In the two playoff games, Fitzgerald faced Arkansas and Ole Miss.

Better to be lucky than good.