SEC Fairy Godmother grants pre-season wishes

The more I see of these guys, the more I like their shtick . . . :smiley:


:lol: That was pretty funny. One wish wouldn’t even help Arkansas, so the guy went back into the woods. Ole Miss brought money to the fairly godmother…those are pretty danged funny.

That was good. I shared that YouTube video with a few friends- not all of them Arkansas fans. They all thought it was funny too except my Tennessee friend. He was indignant.

Not much you can do with someone who doesn’t have a sense of humor. Those videos, by design, poke fun at everybody. Getting upset over something like that says more about the person who has a problem with it than it does the video itself.

:lol: :lol:

Words of Wizdom :sunglasses:

That is one funny video. Showed it to my students I have here in Washington state. They all died laughing. :rofl::rofl:

That’s funny I don’t care who or what fan you are.
Good stuff.