SEC East seems stronger than the West

I think it was Clay that said he’s not sure which is tougher, the East or the West. Close call for sure, but I think the East is slightly tougher.

  • Vanderbilt and Arkansas are essentially a wash.
  • Tennessee, South Carolina, and Florida are collectively better than MSU, Ole Miss, and Alabama.
  • LSU is probably a little better than Georgia, but close call there.
  • Missouri and Kentucky are collectively better than A&M and Auburn

Pretty good balance on both sides, top to bottom.

Obviously the matchups dictate a lot, but I’ll be somewhat surprised if less than 3 SEC teams make it to Omaha.

D1Baseball projects 6 SEC teams hosting and four of those with top-8 seeds, meaning the super at home if they get there. Plus Bama, Georgia and Florida on the 2 or 3 line. Somebody will screw up and lose when they host, but a Florida could come off the 2 line and get to Omaha too if they get their stuff together. Or even Bama (more on that below). The one thing we do know is that Ole Miss will not be in Omaha.

As for your assessment, MSU is better than Tennessee IMO, OM and SoCar are about equal and Florida is better than Bama (although that could change if Connor Prielipp gets back in form). I’ll agree that Misery/UK are better than TAM/Baggies.

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