SEC dominates USA Olympic medal haul to date

USA has won 7 gold and a total of 14 medals to date. Here is how SEC has done. Totals don’t include medals won by SEC athletes competing for other nations.

                 G    S   B    Total

Florida. 1 2 0 3
Kentucky. 2 0 0 2
Georgia. 1 1 0 2
Auburn. 1 0 0 1

They’ll get at least five more tonight after the gold medal softball game with Japan. SEC has five players on the USA softball roster, from Tennessee, Alabama and three from Florida. Plus one from Texass… A little surprising with all the success the Paperclips have had that there are no Okies on the roster.

Yes. I need to figure out how to show shared gold medal like the anticipated one for Softball. For example, in my totals is a shared gold medal for Caleb Dressel and Zach Applefor Men’s 4x100 Freestyle Relay, both for Florida. Because by showing one each for the school, it is hard to compare against US total, since US will show only one gold for that Relay. I do want to keep up with the % share of US medals for SEC.

Any suggestions? Your journalistic mind may have a good way to do that.

That’s tricky. Because alumnae of three SEC schools are going to get softball medals (we’re silver at worst, obviously) but it’s only one medal. Unless you give Florida 0.2 medals (three out of the 15 women on the roster) and TN/AL 0.067 medals. Dressel and Apple would get half of that relay gold.

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